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  • 27.03.2019: Fake News (Vortrag und Diskussion)
    Was sind Fake News eigentlich? Oft hört man, Fake News seien Falsch- und Fehlinformationen, die häufig über elektronische Kanäle (vor allem soziale Medien) verbreitet werden. Aber: ist ein Fake immer ein volles Fake? Oder gibt es auch Abstufungen, Zwischentöne? In der Veranstaltung werden anhand von Beispielen die unterschiedlichen Typen von Fake News untersucht und diskutiert, wie man die Fakes als solche erkennen kann.
  • 31.03.2019: Call for Papers - 1st International Workshop on Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs (MLKgraphs 2019)
    The 1st International Workshop on Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs aims to be a meeting point for researchers and practitioners working on the latest advances in the intersection of machine learning technologies and knowledge graphs. Welcome are submissions of novel research that brings together the two topics of Machine Learning (ML) and Knowledge Graphs (KGs) - either by applying ML models for semantic data management structures or by presenting newly assembled KGs that support the task of ML for certain application domains. Deadline of the submission of full papers is March 31th.
  • 01.04.2019: Talk - Where, how, and when to offload data processing to public cloud?
    This Training School addresses the challenges for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in future highly integrated systems. It discusses emerging methodologies and experimental techniques to characterize stochastic electromagnetic (EM) fields. This includes multiprobe time-domain near field scanning techniques for noisy EM fields as well as advances in modeling and characterization of stochastic fields in reverberation chambers. Students (including PhD), early career investigators, educators, and practitioners are welcome to participate.


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