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13:00 - 16:00 "Open Institute"

We invite all students - and especially those who haven't been at our Department yet - to drop by at our open day on the 2nd floor of the ICT-Building (Technikerstrasse 21a):

  • Open Labs – Our researchers present their work!
  • Company exhibition - Partners in research projects present themselves
  • How the Infopoint can help you with all issues concerning your studies
  • Study abroad – Find out where, when and how!

Snacks and drinks are for free!

17:00 - 19:00 Evening event "Informatik Live"

17:00: Grand opening at the "Großer Hörsaal" (Bauingenieurgebäude, Ground Floor)

17:05: Keynote by Massimiliano Di Luca, Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham
Title: Multisensory Interaction with Virtual Objects

In recent years there have been notable technological VR and AR advancements and an exploding interest in their application. A great potential of VR and AR, and yet one of their main challenges, is to enable users not to be mere observers. Appropriate input and output interfaces can allow direct interaction with the virtual content. Direct touch implies the use of hands and the feeling of haptic feedback. Here I will analyze the importance of leveraging our understanding of perception in creating the conditions for believable hand-based interaction. I will show examples of the potential of using hands in VR and the effect of multisensory feedback for the perception of virtual objects.

17:45: Keynote by Tamim Asfour Head of the High PerformanceHumanoid Technologies Lab at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Title: Engineering Humanoids with Motion Intelligence

Humanoid robotics plays a central role in robotics research as well as in understanding intelligence. Engineering humanoid robots that are able to learn from humans and sensorimotor experience, to predict the consequences of actions and exploit the interaction with the world to extend their cognitive horizon remains a research grand challenge. Currently, we are experiencing AI systems with superhuman performance in games, image and speech processing. However, the generation of robot behaviors with human-like motion intelligence and performance has yet to be achieved. In this talk, I will present recent progress towards engineering 24/7 humanoid robots that link perception and action to generate intelligent behavior. I will show the ARMAR humanoid robots performing complex grasping and manipulation tasks in kitchen and industrial environments, learning actions from human observation and experience as well as reasoning about object-action relations.

18:30: Presentation and Award of the Best Bachelor and Best Master's Thesis of the academic year 2018/19

starting at 19:00 Get-together

19:00: Get-together in the foyer of the ICT-Building (ground floor) with buffet and live music
Mulled-wine stall of the Student Representatives for Computer Science

Company exhibition at the inday students

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