Settling in


Dear family,


It is a new and big challenge for your child to visit an unfamiliar institution. Together with you, we would like to create the most successful transition possible from the familiar home to the SpielRäume. From a pedagogical perspective and based on our many years of experience, we would recommend that you settle your child in at the beginning of the semester (winter and winter semester). We would be happy to tell you more about this during an information session. Here are a few tips to help you support your child during this big step.

Before the start of settling in:

  • Consider which parent is easiest for your child to separate from. Discuss with each other whether this person can take over the settling in process or at least the first few days.
  • Take enough time for the settling in process. You cannot do a good job if you have a guilty conscience or are unsure how your child is doing now.
  • When you drive or walk past our facility, say to your toddler: "Look, are the playrooms. Soon you will get to play there with other children."
  • It is especially important that you really trust your toddler to say goodbye to you and integrate into the day care centre. Otherwise he or she will feel your insecurity and become unsettled.






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