Family Services

Innrain 52b
A- 6020 Innsbruck

Coordinators for questions concerning compatibility - Consulting after scheduling an appointment!


Ruiz-Peyré Miriam









Dipl.-Päd. Miriam Ruiz Peyré

+43 512/507-35251 or 0676 87 2535251
familienservice(ɛt) bzw. Miriam.Ruiz-Peyre(ɛt)

Contact Hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 9.00 Uhr - 13.00

- Questions concerning the balance between studies, work    and family life 
- Childcare issues
- Information about (internal/external) services for families   and caring relatives 
- Networks concerned with work-life-balance 

Torggler Jutta









Jutta Torggler, MA

(Maternity leave)


- Questions concerning the balance between studies, work     and family life
- Babysitter Exchange
- Childcare during (scientific) events
- Supervision of the kindergarten/day nursery cooperations

Leading Team SpielRäume 

Sarah Rofner, BA 

+43 512/507-35255 or 

Contact Hours:
Monday to Friday 08.00 - 12.00



...and the entire SpielRäume-Team!

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