Secondary School Teacher Training (General Education)

The Secondary School Teacher Training Programme (General Education) qualifies its graduates as teachers in the selected subjects of general education / specializations for all secondary schools (Neue Mittelschule, Polytechnische Schule, Academic Secondary Schools, Intermediate and Higher Technical and Vocational Schools).
It consists of a 4 year Bachelor’s Programme and a subsequent 2 year Master’s Programme.
It covers training in
general education science, a pedagogical-practical training and a subject-specific and subject-didactic education in the two selected teaching subjects or in the selected teaching subject and the selected specialization.
The two subjects resp. The subject and the specialization can be chosen freely from twenty-three subjects and two specialization.

Bachelor`s programme

The Bachelor’s Programme School Teacher Training (General Education) covers 240 ECTS-Credits

and has a duration of eight semesters. One ECTS-Credit is equivalent to a workload of 25 hours.
Bachelor’s Thesis hast o be written in every subject/specialization at the end of the studies.
Graduates is given the academic Degree Titel Bachelor of Education, B.Ed.

Master`s programme

The Master`s Programme has a duration of 4 semesters (120 ECTS- Credits).
In the course a Master`s Thesis hast to be conducted. The topic of the master's thesis hast o be chosen out of the subjects, the subject didactics of one subject, a specialization or the basics of education. It is highly recommended to pick trans-sectoral topics.
Graduates is given the academic Degree Master of Education, M.Ed.

Prerequests / Admission process

Before admission to the teacher training program, a registration procedure must be completed, information can be found under
For the subject Physical Education is the proof of physical-motor ability, for the subjects of art education, music education and instrumental music education is the proof of artistic suitability before admission to provide.

Career Options

Graduates of the Bachelor's program Secondary Education (general education) can be admitted to the educational service in lower secondary education as teachers of their subjects for a limited period. A permanent employment requires the completion of the master's program within eight years.

Graduates of the Master's program Secondary Education (general education) have acquired the teaching qualifications for their subjects and can be included in the educational service at Austrian secondary schools.

The completed Master's program also entitles the student to admission to the doctoral program PhD Education. Graduates of the PhD program in Education hold positions in research and in the education sector. Thematic focuses include subject didactics, school pedagogy / educational research, Islamic and Catholic religious education or inclusive education. Further information:

The qualifications acquired in the teaching degree program also open up opportunities in other areas. Particularly noteworthy are: Social and youth work, development education, adult education, activities in the media and communications industry as well as in the civil service.In several subject areas, graduates of a teacher training program also have access to the professional fields of the respective subject study program, especially if the chosen subjects complement each other in content.

Job prospects

At present there is a high demand for teachers in several subjects. Information about the prospects in the individual subjects are given by the state school authorities.

  Scope of studies & Information


Art Education (BA / MA)

Biology and Environmental Protection (BA / MA)

Career Guidance/Life Skills (no admission any more) (BA / MA)

Catholic Religious Education (BA / MA)

Chemistry (BA / MA)

Computer Science (no admission any more) (BA / MA)

German (BA / MA)

Digital Basic Education and Computer Science (BA / MA)

English (BA / MA)

Ethics (BA / MA )

French (BA / MA)

Geography and Economics (BA / MA)

Greek (BA / MA)

History, Social Studies and Political Education (BA / MA)

Islamic Religion (BA / MA)

Italian (BA / MA)

Latin (BA / MA)

Mathematics (BA / MA)

Music Education (BA / MA)

Music Education - Instruments (BA / MA)

Nutrition and Housekeeping (BA / MA)

Physical Education (BA / MA)

Physics (BA / MA)

Russian (BA / MA)

Spanish (BA / MA)

Technology and Textiles (BA / MA)

Inclusive Pedagogy (BA / MA)

Media Pedagogy (no admission any more) (BA / MA)

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