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Welcome to the Algebra Group at the University of Innsbruck!


Our research focuses on Real Algebra and Geometry, with connections to Convexity and Optimization, Operator Algebra, Category Theory and Theoretical Quantum Physics. Real Algebraic Geometry studies semialgebraic sets over the reals or general real closed fields. In algebraic terms, one studies nonnegative polynomials on such sets, and describes them as (generalized) sums of squares. This approach goes back to Hilbert’s 17th Problem. It helps understanding semialgebraic sets and establishes a close connection to optimization, mostly via semidefinite programming. There are also connections to Operator Algebra and Theoretical Quantum Physics, via non-commutative semialgebraic sets and non-commutative notions of convexity. We also study Category Theory and its applications, for example to Probability.

If you want to know more, or have questions concerning these topics, feel free to contact us.


  • Successful PhD defense by Tom Drescher 24 September 2018

    Tom Drescher's PhD thesis, titled "Free Convex Semi-Algebraic Geometry - The Limits of Quantifier Elimination, Projection Properties, and Operator Systems", was written under the joint supervision of Tim Netzer and Andreas Thom. It examines non-commutative semialgebraic sets from a viewpoint of model theory and functional analysis. Today he completed his doctoral degree with a successful defense. We congratulate him on this great success!

  • Successful FWF Project 1 January 2017

    Our FWF Project Free Semialgebraic Geometry and Convexity has been approved by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) under project number P 29496-N35. We look forward to working on this exciting topic during the following three years.

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