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The focus of the Stochastics Group on Innsbruck is mainly on random processes on infinite discrete structure such as graphs and groups, or objects with selfsimilar properties (fractals).


      • Ecaterina Sava-Huss (professor)
        Research interests: interplay between structural and geometrical properties of infinite graphs and the behavior of random walks and of rotor walks (derandomized versions of random walks) on these graphs. Other research topics: internal aggregation models (IDLA, rotor-router aggregation, sandpile models) on fractal graphs and other state spaces.

        Personal homepage


      • Alexander Glazman (assistant professor)
        Research interests: Phase transitions and scaling limits in lattice models of Statistical Mechanics. Among these models are percolation and FK-percolation, Ising and Ashkin-Teller models, loop O(n) and six-vertex models, integer-valued height functions, self-avoiding walk, and others. These models are inter-connected via graphical representations. We mix probabilistic techniques (positive correlation inequalities) with exact integrability (Yang-Baxter equation, holomorphic observables).

        Personal homepage


      • Hanna Oppelmayer (Postdoc)
        Research interests: Random walks on topological (semi)groups or graphs and their limit behaviour, in particular, Poisson boundaries and ergodic stationary measure spaces. Entropy theory in these settings.

        Email: Hanna.Oppelmayer@uibk.ac.at

      • Robin Kaiser (PhD student)
        Research interests: aggregation models with multiple sources on fractal graphs, abelian sandpile models.

        Email: Robin.Kaiser@uibk.ac.at

      • Moritz Dober (PhD student at University of Vienna, frequent visits to Innsbruck)
        Research interests: two-dimensional statistical mechanics with a focus on percolation, discrete spin systems, height function models.

        Email: Moritz.Dober@univie.ac.at

      • Mohanarangan Maran (PhD student at University of Innsbruck and University of Fribourg)

        Email: maran.mohanarangan@unifr.ch

      • David Beck-Tiefenbach (PhD student)

        Email: David.Beck-Tiefenbach@uibk.ac.at

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