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The double dimer model and Gaussian free field

Inn'formal Probability Seminar

This seminar is organised by Ecaterina Sava-Huss and Alexander Glazman.

The idea is to discuss recent exciting research developments in the field of Probability (in a broad sense). Some talks are given by speakers invited from other universities but this is also a place for everybody in Innsbruck to share with each other their recent results - or just something cool that we have read. The seminar is very informal and there is always a lot of discussions during the talks (so they tend to last a little longer…).

Each talk will start by an introductory part (~30min), where the speakers will explain some basic concept in their research and the motivation behind.

Time and place: Mondays at 16.15 in room 609 (6th floor of the Civil Engineer building, Campus Technik).

The seminar is open-ended and its duration is random but we hope to head out for dinner in the centre 18.00.

Please write to Sasha ( if you want to be on the mailing list.


Date Speaker Topic
03. Oktober 2022
Kieran Ryan, Universität Wien The double dimer model and Gaussian free field
10. Oktober 2022 Markus Heydenreich, LMU München Voronoi cells in random split trees
17. Oktober 2022 Nico Heizmann, TU Chemnitz Aggregation models with multiple sources on fractal graphs
07. November 2022 Tobias Fritz, Universität Innsbruck An invitation to categorical probability
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