Karin Schnass
University of Innsbruck
Dep. of Mathematics
Technikerstraße 13
6020 Innsbruck

Tel: +43 512 507 53881

Mathematical Data Science


Welcome to the mathematical data science group. As we evolved from START-project Y760, we of course love dictionary learning but also like sparse approximation, inpainting or denoising. In general we will be happy with anything, where we can implement something in matlab or python to look at pretty pictures and at the same time attack it with a lot of linear algebra and a bit of probability theory, optimisation and harmonic analysis.

We have an opening for a PhD position starting around January, details to come. In the meantime you can try to find out if we would be right for you by browsing the research page and reading some of our papers!

If you have most of the skills in linear algebra, some of the skills in probability theory or harmonic analysis and all the interest in dictionary learning but don't have a master's project yet, come for a chat (msc)!

Finally, if your head is still spinning from the introductory lectures but you think that messing around with images could be fun, check out our bachelor projects (bsc)!


Congratulations to Dr. Pali, the scientist formerly known as Marie!!

The random subdictionary paper has been accepted. Normally the acceptance of a paper means the death and resurrection of the nightmare paper but, alas it is still firmly stuck in the pipeline.

Marie has handed in her thesis!! Congratulations!!
Also we have revised the manifesto and received very favourable and thorough reviews for the random subdictionary paper.

Karin said yes once too often and landed herself with the job of study responsible for the math undergraduate programmes. Also she will be proud new co-organiser of the 1W-MINDS Seminar from July on. Marie is crawling towards the finishing line of her PhD, Simon is wrestling several monsters in dictionary learning all at the same time and Elli is suffering in silence.

Congratulations to Marie and Andi, their paper on dictionary learning for adaptive mri is listed as editor's choice! For those interested in the conditioning of submatrices, there is a new talk from the CodEX Seminar in Colorado available on youtube.

Hello world! We have been upgraded to be our own research group. Thanks to the Applied Math Group for hosting us until now!


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