Porträt Karin SchnassKarin Schnass
Group Mama - she whose fault it is.

Has an MSc in math from the University of Vienna and a PhD in computer, communication and information sciences from EPFL. Despite these fancy degrees she neither believes in the axiom of choice nor can she fix computers.

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Porträt Marie PaliMarie Christine Pali
PhD student and renaissance woman.

Has an MSc in math from the University of Innsbruck. Joined the group in November 2016 for an internship and 4 months later decided to go for the PhD with us. She is not only journeywoman for carpentry but also an expert for Navier Stokes equations. Currently she is developing her endurance and probability skills while working on extending recovery results for dictionary learning and sparse approximation to more complicated coefficient and noise models.


Porträt Simon RuetzSimon Ruetz
PhD student and tablet whisperer.

Has an MSc in financial math from ETH Zurich and joined as PhD student in May 2019. He is working on conditioning of random subdictionaries with an eye towards dictionary learning with non-homogeneous coefficient distributions. The ultimate goal is stabilising adaptive dictionary learning for image data and exploiting knowledge about the coefficient distribution for signal recovery - thus making deep learning obsolete - well you have to set high goals.


Porträt Elisabeth SchneckenreiterElisabeth Schneckenreiter
Newest PhD student.

Has an MSc in teaching math and chemistry from the University of Innsbruck. She joined as PhD student in November 2020, after we did everything humanly possible to discourage her and thus not keep her from saving our schools. They closed 2 weeks later.
She is working on the identification all the bad dictionaries that lead us astray, especially when not all atoms are used with equal probability. Then she will invent counter-measures and once everything is in place, we will put that chemistry degree to good use and do some image-processing for FISH-images in biology.


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