Porträt Karin SchnassKarin Schnass
Group Mama - she whose fault it is.

Has an MSc in math from the University of Vienna and a PhD in computer, communication and information sciences from EPFL. Despite these fancy degrees she neither believes in the axiom of choice nor can she fix computers.

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Porträt Morris Luca KühmeierMorris Luca Kühmeier
THE PhD student.

Already did his MSc-thesis on dictionary learning, deriving more general convergence results for the MOD and ODL algorithm. Now in his PhD he will look at convergence for ITKrM and in particular partial convergence (not for all atoms).


Porträt Emma BuchnerEmma Buchner
THE master student.

Is investigating the double descent curve of statistical learning both. She is comparing theoretical results for the under and over-parametrised regime in regression and classification and for better enjoyment with the whole family will illustrate both with simulations.


Former Members

Porträt Simon RuetzSimon Ruetz
PhD student and tablet whisperer.

Has an MSc in financial math from ETH Zurich since December 2022 also a PhD from the University of Innsbruck. He worked on conditioning of random subdictionaries, rejective sampling (aka the hottest topic in discrete probability of the 60ies), revolutionised our view of MOD and ODL for dictionary learning and on the side improved variable density subsampling for compressed sensing. Academia shed a tear when he left to work for


Porträt Marie PaliMarie Christine Pali
PhD student and renaissance woman.

Has an MSc in math and since August 2021 also a PhD from the University of Innsbruck. During her PhD she developed her endurance and probability skills while working on extending recovery results for dictionary learning and sparse approximation to more complicated coefficient and noise models. She is journeywoman for carpentry, expert for Navier Stokes equations, wizard of MRI imaging and since March 2022 working on medical imaging and neuroscience for


Porträt Elisabeth HellElisabeth Hell
PhD student

Has an MSc in teaching math and chemistry from the University of Innsbruck. She joined as PhD student in November 2020 for a year but after a parental break decided to rather be a project manager at

Data Lab Hell.

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