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Stochastics Group

Scientific Staff

Name Position
Ecaterina Sava-Huss, PhD Assistant Professor
Alexander Glazman, PhD Assistant Professor
Yuwen Wang Postdoc
Hanna Oppelmayer Postdoc
Robin Kaiser PhD Student
Moritz Dober PhD Student
at University of Vienna (frequent visits to Innsbruck)
Maran Mohanarangan PhD Student
at Universities of Innsbruck and Fribourg

Administrative Staff

Name Position
Sandra Naschberger Office
Katharina Renz System Administration


Former members of the group

Name Position
Dr. Jürgen Kampf  
Konrad Kolesko, PhD  
Alexander V. Marynych, PhD LFUI guest professor
Matthias Meiners, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Former Head of the group
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