Mathematical Quantum Physics


Group in March 2019


We are a recently established research group situated at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Innsbruck, Austria. 

Group members are listed under People, and open positions in Open positions

Our research topics are explained in Research topics.

Our publications are listed in Publications


  • (Jan 20, 2020) Martha Lewis (U. Amsterdam) will be visiting our group from February 4 to 6. 


  • (Dec 17, 2019) New paper: Quantum magic squares: dilations and their limitations. Gemma De las Cuevas, Tom Drescher, Tim Netzer. arXiv:1912.07332
  • (Dec 2, 2019) Our paper "Separability for mixed states with operator Schmidt rank two" was published in Quantum 3, 203 (2019)
  • (Nov 8, 2019) We currently have **2 open PhD positions**. For more information, see Open positions.
  • (Sep 25, 2019) Andreas Klingler is a new master student in our group - welcome. 
  • (Sep 5, 2019) New paper: Tensor decompositions on simplicial complexes with invariance. Gemma De las Cuevas, Matt Hoogsteder Riera, Tim Netzer. arXiv:1909.01737
  • (Aug 27, 2019) New paper: A generalised ansatz for continuous Matrix Product States. Maria Balanzó-Juandó and Gemma De las Cuevas. arXiv:1908.09761
  • (Aug 9, 2019) New paper: Mixed states in one spatial dimension: decompositions and correspondence with nonnegative matrices. Gemma De las Cuevas and Tim Netzer. arXiv:1907.03664
  • (May 16, 2019) Joshua Graf is a new master student with us, also working with Tim Netzer. 
  • (Apr 8, 2019) Alexander Mueller-Hermes will visit our group from June 12 to 14. 
  • (Apr 8, 2019) Anna Lina Vandré is joining our group as a master student - welcome! 
  • (Mar 15, 2019) New paper: Separability for mixed states with operator Schmidt rank two. Gemma De las Cuevas, Tom Drescher, Tim Netzer, arXiv:1903.05373

Last update: Jan 20, 2020

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