Islamic Religious Education


The study programme is a preparatory scientific training and qualifies for jobs which require the skills to understand and apply scientific results and methods of Islamic Religious Education. It is a scientific study programme, which systematically combines both research and doctrine. It provides the competency for putting theory and methods into practice. It is an important concern to raise awareness towards gender-related questions. The study programme also qualifies for intercultural and interreligious dialogue between religions and ideologies based on self-criticism, tolerance and cooperation. It qualifies for jobs in the professional fields of education, advising and counselling. Graduates are particularly qualified for teaching Islamic Religious Education in primary, secondary and secondary modern schools.

Future Prospects: Occupational Profiles and Career Opportunities

  • The study programme qualifies the students for teaching Islamic Religious Education in the German language in Austrian public schools. It furthermore promises great job opportunities in Austria and Europe.

  • The programme allows Muslims to present Islamic contents in a contemporary and competent way as an emancipated religious community in Austria.

  • The theological foundations of the study programme are authorized by the Islamic Community of Austria, which is officially recognised. Thus, the study programme is also highly recognised.

Study Programs

Bachelor's Programme Islamic Religious Education

Master's Programme in Islamic Religious Education

Bachelor's Programme Secondary School Teacher Training
(General Education) Subject: Islamic Religion

Master's Programme Secondary School Teacher Training (General Education) Subject: Islamic Religion 

Doctoral Programme PhD Education


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