About the Project

The Project DILIMAG is conducted by the Innsbruck Newspaper Archive (IZA) in cooperation with DEA (Department for Digitization and Electronic Archiving at the University of Innsbruck Library). The project is funded by the Austrian Science Fund from 2007-03-01 until 2010-12-23. The Innsbruck Newspaper archive continues the collection after project end.


With the technical development of the digital media, new forms of literary periodicals and new ways of distributing literature have emerged. Due to the special characteristics of the net and digital media this new form cannot be covered by conventional description and analysis methods. The project responds to a challenge facing literary scholars as well as librarians with respect to how to record, analyze and archive German-language digital literary magazines (i.e. magazines that can only be found on the internet).

Specific Aims

The main objective of the project is to conduct a critical analysis of the enormous variety of existing literary e-magazines and new trends within the digital community.
The project pursues three main objectives:

  • In the academic field: the analysis and commentary of the different forms of digital literature magazines and emerging trends.
  • In the documentation field: the compilation of a comprehensive collection of German-language digital literature magazines that have appeared since the worldwide web was established.
  • In the technological field: the systematical archiving of the examined sources in a digital repository.


The technical implementation is done by using the WebCurator tool. This is a comprehensive application, which has been initiated by the International Internet Preservation Consortium. The software is provided under the Apache Licence. All harvested websites are finally stored within a METS object and preservered for the long term in the digital repository of the University Innsbruck.


The dynamic character of online publications implicates that they continuously change. Thus we are seeking for an interactive exchange of data and information’s with users and scholars.
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