in the Viktor Franz Hess House

On the 8th floor of Victor Franz Hess House you find the secretary offices of the two chairs in the eastern corridor (leaving the elevator to the right). The astrophysics group is located in the northern part of the floor (on the left side after crossing the yellow fire door), the astroparticle and particle physics is in the southern part (on the right side after the fire door).

Common seminar rooms are in the western corridor (turning left from the elevator). The room 8/18 is at the southern end of the corridor (turning left after the fire door) and the smaller meeting room 8/23 is north of the elevators. The computer seminar room 8/35 is located at the northern end of both corridors.

The big lecture rooms (A to G) are in the ground floor of the house in the two side wings.


Overview of the house:

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