Alumni since 1996


Name Degree Date Title of the Thesis Supervisor
Kienel Christoph Dr.rer.nat. 1996-11-23 Covered Data Structures Kimeswenger
Heesters Nick MSC 2020-06-19 Flattened Structures of Dwarf Satellites Arround Early-Type Galaxies in the MATLAS Low Density Fields Marleau
Colling Gilles MSc 2020-07-21 Numerical Solver for the Cosmic-Ray Transport Equation in Cylindrical Coordinates Kissmann
Völkl Valentin PhD 2021-05-12 Timed Track Seeding for the Future Circular Collider Kneringer
Knosp Lukas MSc 2020-01-17 The C-MUSCL Scheme, a High Order Finite Volume Method with Contrained Transport for Astrophysical MHD  Kissmann
Kerber Florian Dr.rer.nat. 1996-12-21 Late phases of stellar evolution: Extinction Distances of Planetary Nebulae Weinberger
Lercher Georg Mag.rer.nat 1996-12-21 The extragalactic component of the region 120°<130°,-10°<b<+10°: an optical survey and observations of selected objects Weinberger
Benger Werner Mag.rer.nat 1997-07-11 Der Einfluss der kosmologischen Konstanten auf die Vakuumblasen im expandierenden Universum Pfleiderer
Köberl Thomas Mag.rer.nat 1997-07-16 Ein Programm zur Untersuchung der physikalischen Eigenschaften von Gasnebeln anhand von Emissionslinien  
Gröbner Hannes Mag.rer.nat 1998-02-17 Spektroskopische Untersuchungen von 8 bipolaren PN Weinberger
Alaa-Eldin Ali Dr.rer.nat. 1998-08-13 Spektroskopische, morphologische und statistische Untersuchungen an galaktischen Planetarischen Nebeln Pfleiderer
Gajdosik Martin Dr.rer.nat. 1998-12-16 Large-Scale Distribution of Dust and Dust Heating in the Galactic Plane Weinberger
Furlan Elise Mag.rer.nat 1999-07-09 Old Planetary Nebulae on the southern hemisphere interacting with the interstellar medium Weinberger
Köb Gebhard Dr.rer.nat. 1999-12-18 Zur Entfaltung von VLBI-Daten mit der Methode der minimalen Information (MIM) Pfleiderer
Gratl Helmut Dr.rer.nat. 1999-12-18 Two Channel Restoration by Means of Automatic Point Source Detection Pfleiderer
Marchiotto Walter Mag.rer.nat 2000-07-07 Die Zone of Avoidance im Bereich 20°<l<80°,-10°<b<-5° Weinberger
Jais Wolfgang Mag.rer.nat 2000-07-21 Variable Zentralsterne in Planetarischen Nebeln Weinberger
Josef Koller Mag.rer.nat (Physik) Mag.rer.nat (Astronomie) 2000-07-21 Stochastic Heating of Small Dust Particles Kimeswenger
Wildauer Hannes Mag.rer.nat 2001-04-24 Extragalaktische Untersuchungen der Zone of Avoidance in der Region 20°<l<80°,+5°<b<+10°  
Temporin Giovanna Dr.rer.nat. 2001-06-12 Observations and Modeling of an Ultra-Compact Group of Galaxies Weinberger
Schmeja Stefan Mag.rer.nat 2001-07-31 Near Infrared Photometry of Planetary Nebulae with DENIS  
Wiedemair Christof Mag.rer.nat 2001-09-07 The Dust Warp of the Milky Way Weinberger
Aryal Binil Dr.rer.nat. 2002-04-22 Spin Vector Orientation of Galaxies in 40 Clusters Saurer
Kausch Wolfgang Mag.rer.nat (Physik) 2003-01-27 A Statistical Approach to a Possible Alignment of Galaxies in the Perseus Cluster  
Kapferer Wolfgang Mag.rer.nat (Physik) 2003-02-06 Galaxy Orientation in the Virgo Cluster and ACO 2721  
Enz Isabella Mag.rer.nat (Physik) 2003-03-03 Die Bestimmung der Lichtkurve der tychonischen Supernova von 1572 Saurer
Arntraud Bacher Dr.rer.nat. (Physik Lehramt) 2003-04-10 Untersuchung und Vorschläge zum schülerorientierten Astrophysikunterricht an gymnasialen Oberstufen Saurer
Scholz Christoph Mag.rer.nat (Physik) 2003-05-23 Studies of Two Compact Galaxy Group Candidates Weinberger
Kitzbichler Manfred Mag.rer.nat (Physik) 2003-09-11 Spatial Orientation of Galaxies in the Coma Cluster Saurer
Michaela Lechner Mag.rer.nat (Physik) 2003-09-26 V605 Aql and its surrounding PN A58 Kimeswenger
Mair Magdalena Mag.rer.nat (Physik) 2004-05-27 Numerical Simulations of Galaxy Clusters - Dynamical State and Substructure Analysis Schindler
Griesser Martin Mag.rer.nat (Physik) 2004-01-26 Lichtstreuung als Motivation für die Einführung des Wellenmodells im Physikunterricht Saurer
Grömer Gernot Mag.rer.nat (Astronomie) 2004-08-18 High-z Dust investigations on overlapping galaxy pairs Weinberger
Emprechtinger Martin Mag.rer.nat (Physik) 2004-10-13 Photoionization Models of evolved Planetary Nebulae Kimeswenger
Kronberger Thomas Mag.rer.nat (Physik) 2005-04-04 Numerical Simulations of Galaxy Clusters: Dark Matter Potentials and Galaxy Formation Schindler
Domainko Wilfried Dr.rer.nat. 2005-04-27 Metal Enrichment of intra-cluster Medium: ram-pressure Stripping of Cluster Galaxies and Feedback from intra-cluster Supernovae Schindler
Wittwer Freddy Mag.rer.nat (Physik Lehramt) 2005-07-27 Die Gezeitenwirkung als eine Auswirkung der Gravitation im Physikunterricht Saurer
Weratschnig Julia Mag.rer.nat (Physik) 2005-10-24 Röntgenbeobachtungen von Galaxienhaufen mit XMM am Beispiel des Haufens A 514 Schindler
Sukonthachat Jaturong Dr.rer.nat. 2005-11-04 Gas Dynamics in Clusters of Galaxies Schindler
Kapferer Wolfgang Dr.rer.nat. 2005-12-15 Metal Enrichment in Galaxy Clusters: Galactic Winds, Starbursts and interacting Galaxies. Schindler
Lerchster Michael Mag.rer.nat. (Physik) 2006-03-29 Dark Matter Distribution in Clusters of Galaxies Schindler
Jesacher Marco Mag.rer.nat. (Physik) 2006-04-03 Spectroscopic Investigations of the recurrent Nova CI Aql Kimeswenger
Moll Rainer Mag.rer.nat. (Physik) 2006-09-10 Numerical Simulations of Active Galactic Nuclei in Clusters of Galaxies Schindler
Kausch Wolfgang Dr.rer.nat. 2006-12-20 Lensing Survey of a Sample of X-Ray Luminous, Medium Redshift Galaxy Clusters Schindler
Kronberger Thomas Dr.rer.nat. 2008-06-02 Galaxy - Enviroment Interactions in Multi-Scale Numerical Simulations Schindler
Salzburger Andreas Dr.rer.nat. 2008-07-15 Track Simulation and Reconstruction in the ATLAS Experiment Kluit / Kuhn
Lechner Michaela Dr.rer.nat. 2008-11-19 Astrophysics and GRID-Computing - an Analysis of experienced Gain on the Basis of selected Case Studies Kimeswenger
Unterguggenberger Stefanie Mag.rer.nat. 2009-03-25 The Influence of AGN Heating on the Hydrodynamics of the Intra Cluster Medium Schindler
Clarke Daniel Dr.rer.nat. 2009-07-02 Simulating the Formation and Evolution of submillimetre Galaxies Schindler
Weratschnig Julia Dr.rer.nat. 2009-07-10 Analysis of X-ray Observations of Clusters of Galaxies Schindler
Ausserlechner Maria Theresia Dr.rer.nat. 2009-12-11 Visualisierungen im Mathematik- und Physikunterricht Schindler
Hauser Oliver BSc 2010-06-14 BioShield and DustBuster for the Aouda Space Suit Simulator in the PolAres Research Programme Kimeswenger / Grömer
Pancisin Martin Dr.rer.nat. 2010-10-18 The Complex Interplay between the Intra-Cluster Medium and Cluster Galaxies: the Role of AGN Feedback and Ram-Pressure Stripping on the Metallicity of the Intra-Cluster Medium Schindler
Hunger Lars BSc 2010-10-28 Cherenkov detektion in earth atmosphere Kimeswenger
Lovisari Lorenzo Dr.rer.nat. 2010-12-14 Metal Distribution in Galaxy Clusters Schindler
Reitberger Klaus MSc 2010-12-21 A Gamma-ray Source at the Positon of Eta Carinae? Reimer
Burgmann Karin Mag.rer.nat. 2011-02-03 Fourieranalysis: Umsetzung und Anwendungen im Physikunterricht in der Schule Saurer
Dalnodar Silvia BSc 2011-02-17 CLOUDY Models for Halo Planetary Nebulae Kimeswenger
Dalnodar Silvia MSc 2011-03-29 Spectroscopic Investigations on the Multiple-Shell Planetary Nebula NGC 2438 Kimeswenger
Jussel Patrick Dr.rer.nat. 2011-04-04 Flavour Tagging in Hadronic B Decays for the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider Kneringer
Werner Michael MSc 2011-05-26 Wolf-Rayet binaries in the Fermi energy regime Reimer
Stöckl Josef Dr.rer.nat. 2011-09-02 The Evolution of Magnetic Fields in Clusters of Galaxies Schindler
Canaval Eva BSc 2011-09-19 The Death of a Star Stöckl
Bikaljevic Djuro BSc 2011-09-19 Searching for the Higgs particle at the Tevatron collider Kneringer
Neustetter Michael BSc 2011-09-22 Gravitational Lensing and what we can learn from it Kausch / Stöckl
Ritsch Elmar Mag.rer.nat. 2011-09-28 Fast Calorimeter Punch-Through Simulation for the ATLAS Experiment Kneringer
Hettrich Sebastian BSc 2011-10-24 The Black Hole in the Galactic Center and its Environment Stöckl
Schildhammer Daniel BSc 2011-10-25 Herschel Noll
Riser Tobias Dr.rer.nat. 2012-02-16 Reduction and Processing of Astrophysical Data by Visualization and Creation of Merger Trees from Dark Matter Particle Simualtions Schindler
Sengthaler Markus BSc 2012-02-27 Pulsar wind nebulae at highest energies Reimer
Lepesant Ben BSc 2012-04-26 Faster than light? – Experiments measuring the velocity of neutrinos Kneringer
Jansky Roland BSc 2012-03-08 Neutrino Oscillations, CNGS and the OPERA Experiment Rudolph / Kneringer
Neuner Katharina Mag.rer.nat. 2012-06-21 Antimaterie, schwarze Löcher und der Urknall: aktuelle Medienschlagzeilen als Motivation für den Physikunterricht Kneringer
Arzbacher Stefan BSc 2012-07-05 Logically Rectangular Grids And Finite Volume Methods For PDEs In Circular And Spherical Domains Kissmann
Podigachoski Pece MSc 2012-08-10 Dust-enshrouded star formation in galaxy clusters: The 24 µm cluster galaxy population Temporin
Sans Sara MSc 2012-08-14 Human-Robotic Mars Science Operations: Target Selection Optimization via Traverse and Science Planning Schindler
Hettrich Sebastian MSc 2012-08-14 Human-Robotic Mars Science Operations: Itinerary Optimisation for Surface Activities Schindler
Fritz Bernhard BSc 2012-08-29 Atmosphere Modelling and Measurements of Molecule Abundances in IR Spectroscopy Kausch / Noll / Kimeswenger
Niederwanger Felix BSc 2012-09-19 Automated dome control Kimeswenger
Dittel Christoph BSc 2012-10-24 Searching for the Higgs particle with the ATLAS detector Kneringer
Fritsche Isabella BSc 2012-10-29 The Measurement of Electron Neutrino Appearance at T2K Jussel / Kneringer
Bischko Jan Christoph MSc 2012-11-30 SPH/N-body simulations of merging galaxies in the ICM Schindler
Türkyilmaz Erdal Mag.rer.nat. 2013-04-04 Die Kosmologie des beschleunigt expandierenden Universums Saurer
Rauth Romed BSc 2013-04-29 Evaluation background determination methods in ground-based gamma-ray astronomy Egberts
Mohamed Kamal MSc 2013-04-30 Efficient Identification of Exoplanetary Transit Signals Schindler
Schmidt Kathrin BSc 2013-05-08 Is environment really important for galaxy evolution? Böhm
Haider Markus PhD 2013-05-28 Simulations of Galaxy Clusters Schindler
Bösch Benjamin PhD 2013-06-07 Kinematic studies of disk galaxies inside and around the Abell 90/902 cluster system Schindler
Nasir Fahad MSc 2013-08-13 Mock X-ray Observations of Galaxies undergoing Ram-Pressure Stripping Schindler
Martinez Avilés Gerardo MSc 2013-08-23 On the evolution of Galactic Habitability Schindler
Proxauf Bastian BSc 2013-09-10 Upgrading diagnostic diagrams of forbidden line Emission - The influence of modern atomic data Kimeswenger
Ramirez Mosquera Barbara Lucia MSc 2013-09-17 Study of the Intracluster Medium Velocity Structure in Cosmological Simulations Schindler
Jansky Roland MSc 2013-10-03 Truth Seeded Reconstruction for Fast Simulation in the ATLAS Experiment Kneringer
Kakabadze Levan MSc 2013-10-07 Contribution of structure Formation cosmis Rays to Extragalactic Gamma Ray Background Reimer
Rieser Patrick Mag.rer.nat. 2013-10-16 Dynamics and Properties of Substructures of the Intra-Cluster Medium in Clusters of Galaxies Schindler
Firdous Nameeqa PhD 2014-02-06 Tuning of PYTHIA 6.4 to Minimum Bias and Underlying Event data Rudolph
Steinhauser Dominik MSc 2014-03-25 N-body/hydrodynamic simulations of galaxies in a cluster environment Schindler
Niederwanger Felix MSc 2014-07-18 CRONOS-Setup for Planetary Nebulae Kimeswenger/Kissmann
Decristoforo Gregor BSc 2014-08-13 Bewegung Dunkler-Materie-Halos Przybilla/Kneringer
Reitberger Klaus PhD 2014-08-18 Observations & Numerical Studies of Gamma-ray Emission in Colliding Wind Binaries Reimer
Reitshammer Julia BSc 2014-08-25 Kinematik von extrem metallarmen Sternen im Galaktischen Halo Przybilla
Fahrner Nina BSc 2014-08-27 Kinematik von massereichen Sternen im Orion Przybilla/Kneringer
Öttl Silvia PhD 2014-09-01 Computational and Observational Studies of Nebulae & Molecules - From a Molecular Perspective to the surroundings of Evolved Stars Kimeswenger
Ogorzalek Anna MSc 2014-09-08 MHD simulations of colliding stellar winds in binary systems Kissmann
Sreejith Sreevarsha MSc 2014-09-15 Stellar Mass content of Planck Sunyaev-Zeldovich Galaxy Clusters Marleau
Granda Munoz Guido Elar MSc 2014-09-22 Influence of the Box Size and Overdensity in Cosmological Simulation Schindler
Usanova Anna PhD 2014-10-16 Analysis of B^0_d -> K ^ (*0) µ+µ-Decay with the ATLAS Experiment Kneringer
Jones Amy Michelle PhD 2014-10-27 An Advanced Sky Background Model for the European Southern Observatory Kimeswenger/Reimer A.
Pranger Florian PhD 2014-12-12 Galaxy Properties in Cluster Systems of Different Dynamical State Schindler
Höller Harald PhD 2015-01-16 Subgrid Physics Modelling in Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Clusters Schindler
Ritsch Elmar PhD 2015-02-27 ATLAS Detector Simulation in the Integrated Simulation Framework applied to the W Boson Mass Measurement Kneringer
Werner Michael PhD 2015-03-13 The Propagation of Cosmic Rays: Codes, Tools and Physics Reimer
Taxer Thomas BSc 2015-03-24 Photosphärische Kohlenstoffhäufigkeit der Sonne Przybilla
Hiemer Andreas PhD 2015-03-26 GALAPAGOS-C: Analysis of Galaxy Morphologies Using High Performance Computing Methods Schindler/ Marleau
Simma Magdalena BSc 2015-07-15 Chemische Analyse des Exoplaneten - Muttersterns HR 8799 Przybilla
Cikota Aleksandar MSc 2015-07-16 A Study of the Effect of Host Galaxy Extinction on the Colors of type IA Supernovae Marleau
Kondrak Matthias BSc 2015-07-27 Ein spektroskopischer Atlas des A8 Ib Überriesen HD 80404 im Nahinfraroten Przybilla
Huber David BSc 2015-08-12 Synchrotron-Spektrum eines Colliding-Wind-Binary Przybilla/Kissmann
Sejkora Nina BSc 2015-08-24 Stickstoffhäufigkeit in sonnenähnlichen Sternen Przybilla/Urbaneja
Lopez Lopez Kristhell Marisol MSc 2015-09-01 The Relationship between Central Massive Black Holes and Dark Matter Halos in Low Mass Galaxies Marleau
Lanzinger Verena Charlotte BSc 2015-09-23 Quantitative Analyse von Bor in Sternen der Spektralklasse B Przybilla
Postel Andreas MSc 2015-11-26 High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the Near-Infrared using CRIRES Przybilla
Rojas Montes Eliceth Yaneire MSc 2016-01-18 Keck / DEIMOS Spectroscopy of Blue Supergiants in the Dwarf Irregular Galaxies IC10 and Sextans B Przybilla
Steinhauser Dominik PhD 2016-03-11 Simulations of Galaxy-Cluster Interactions Schindler
Bianconi Matteo PhD 2016-06-03 Star formation and black hole accretion activity in local rich clusters of galaxies Marleau/Schindler
Rauth Romed MSc 2016-07-04 Analysis of Extended galactic gamma-ray sources with HESS: The case of Westerlund1 Reimer
Ebenbichler Alexander BSc 2016-07-08 Ein Spektroskopischer Atlas des A8 Ib Überriesen HD80404 in den Nah-IR K,L und M Bändern Przybilla
Kolitzus David PhD 2016-07-26 Revisiting the cosmic-ray electron and positron spectrum with H.E.S.S. Reimer
Kondrak Matthias MSc 2016-07-29 A Spectroscopic Atlas of the A8 IB Supregiant HD 80404 in the Near-IR Przybilla
Colling Gilles BSc 2016-08-08 Chemical analysis of the nearest Supernova progenitor IK Peg Przybilla
Kiss Matthias Julian BSc 2016-08-24 Emission of thermal Bremsstrahlung colliding - wind binary systems Kissmann
Wachter Vanessa BSc 2016-08-24 Spektrale Strukturen in hochenergetischen y-Spektren Kissmann
Poemnamthip Phadtaya BSc 2016-09-01 Radio Galaxies as Sources of Neutrino Emission Kissmann
Dietrich Felix BSc 2016-09-07 Precision Measurments of the Higgs Boson with the ATLAS Detector Kissmann
Ramasawmy Joanna Tamani MSc 2016-09-09 The intrinsic shapes of dwarf galaxies in the matlas survey Marleau
Dalgleish Hannah Suzanne MSc 2016-09-13 Quantitative Spectroscopy of Blue Supergiants in NGC 6822 Urbaneja
O'Sullivan Liam MSc 2016-09-16 Parameter Studies in Galactic Cosmic Ray Propogation Kissmann
Dzudzar Robert MSc 2016-09-19 Dwarf Galaxy Evolution in the Massive and Dynamically Active Cluster Abell 3266 Marleau
Khusanova Yana MSc 2016-09-27 Adaptation of the LSST Software Stack to the ESO-NTT SOFI Camera and Application to the SOFI Ks-band dataset of the 02hr Deep Field from the VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey for data Reduction and Analysis Jerremovic/Temporin
DI Lukas Wolfgang PhD 2017-01-13 Measurement of Charged-Particle Distributions in Proton—Proton Interactions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC Kneringer
Jansky Roland Wolfgang, BSc MSc PhD 2017-01-23 Track reconstruction in dense environments and the search for new physics in the fully hadronic diboson channels with the atlas detector Kneringer
Unterguggenberger Stefanie PhD 2017-07-18 Observing Metals in the Mesopause Region Using Large Astronomical Facilities Kimeswenger/Reimer
Zieba Sebastian BSc 2017-08-28 Die Titius-Bode-Reihe angewandt auf extrasolare Planetensysteme Przybilla
Bernhard Sabrina PhD 2017-09-08 The Variable high Energy Ɣ-Ray Sky with H.E.S.S. & Towards a Calibration Unit for CTA FlashCam Reimer
Aschenbrenner Patrick BSc 2017-09-25 Chemical analysis of the exoplanet host star HD131399A Przybilla
Huber David MSc 2017-10-06 Relativistic Hydrodynamics in γ-Ray-Binaries Kissmann
Stampfl Maria Mag.rer.nat 2017-11-16 Prädiktoren für die Interessenentwicklung am Physikunterricht Saurer
Grimm Nikita MSc 2018-07-27 Modeling of the Diffuse Galactic Neutrino Flux Kissmann
Sreejith Sreevarsha PhD 2018-10-12 Quantifying Galaxy Structure Marleau
Chougule Abhishek Rajesh MSc 2018-09-25 Influence of improved Stark broadening data on chromium spectral lines Marleau
Ahad Syeda Lammim MSc 2018-09-14 The Nature of Nucleated Dwarf Galaxies in the MATLAS Survey Marleau
Habas Rebecca PhD 2019-08-12 Exploring the evolution of dwarf galaxies in Abell 85 and the field Marleau
Thaler Julia MSc 2019-05-03 Redefining the cosmic - ray source distribution for galactic Propagation Kissmann
Ketzer Laura MSc 2019-09-06 Pre-main sequence gravity-mode pulsators in K2 Zwintz
Steindl Thomas MSc 2019-09-13 The Probing Power of g-modes for Pre-Main Sequence Stars Zwintz
Olivera Nieto Laura MSc 2019-09-13

 The diffuse Neutrino flux due to interactions of AGN jets with the CMB and teh EBL 

Reimer, A.

Tkachenko, Olena MSc 2019-09-27 Constraints on Cosmic Ray Diffusion with Particle Transport from PICARD Code

 Reimer, O.






Quantitative Analysis of WINERED Spectra of Cepheids

 Przybilla, N.

González i Torá Gemma MSc


Qualitative spectroscopy of NGC 300 supergiants with MUSE

Przybilla, N.

Zieba Sebastian MSc 2020-01-20 Time delay analysis of the ẟ Scuti pulsations in the exoplanet host star β Pictoris based on space and ground - based photometry Zwintz K.
Thaler Alexander MSc 2020-07-01 Study of a Bs meson decay for same-side tagging with the ATLAS detector Kneringer, E.
Panny Sebastian MSc 2020-01-28 Variability in the very high energy γ-ray flux from the Galactic center Reimer, O.
Weßmayer David MSc


Surface CNO-Abundances in B-Type Supergiants Przybilla, N.
Marti-Devesa Guillem PhD 2020-11-13 Observational Studies on the Population of Binaries in the Gamma-Ray Sky
Reimer, O.
Brüser Florian MSc 2020-11-16

Fragmentation of Cosmic Rays in Picard: A study of Implementation and Impact on Simulation-Results

Reimer, O.
 Scheepstra Anton  MSc 2020-11-20  „The Mass-Metallicity relation for Galaxies in Galaxy Cluster Abell 85“

 Marleau, F.


Müller Manuel BSc 2019-05-20 "Young pulsating stars in Taurus observed by BRITE-Constellation" Zwintz, K.
Lepperdinger Stefan BSc 2020-09-23 "Crowding Simulation of Young Open Clusters" Zwintz, K.
Castelpietra Marco BSc 2020-10-28 "Nuclear fusion processes in pre-main sequence stars" Zwintz, K.
Scherbichler Michael BSc 2019-10-07 A high-resolution near-IR Spectroscopic Atlas of the F5 IV-V Standard Star Procyon  Przybilla, N.
Rainer Manuel  BSc 2019-10-28 Resolution depedent effects of telluric absorption Kimeswenger, S.
Simon Florian BSC 2019-11-12 Verbesserte inelastische Magnesium + Wasserstoff Stoßdaten für Linienentstehungsrechnung im nicht-thermodynamischen Gleichgewicht  Przybilla, N.
Heidegger Katharina BSc 2019-10-02 A high- resolution near-IR spectroscopic Atlas of the helium weak star 3 CEn A (B5 IIIp) Przybilla, N. / Kausch, W.
Sonnberger Nafeli Ioli  BSc 2020-10-26 CNO abundances in LMC supergigant stars Przybilla, N. / Urbaneja, M.
Vergeiner Thomas  BSc 2020-06-03 Junge Zentralsterne extrasolarer Planetsysteme Przybilla, N.
 Neurauter Lukas  BSc  2019-06-29  Chemical analysis of Gemma Geminorum  Przybilla, N.
Arnold Christoph  BSc 2019-09-27 Bedeckte Doppelsternsysteme mit sdBs Schaffenroth, V.
Aschenbrenner Patrick MSc 2021-07-20 Quantitative Spectroscopy of late O-Type stars Przybilla, N.
Reichel Martin MSc 2021-07-20 Recombination of the PN around V4334 Sgr (Sakurai`s Star) Kimeswenger, S.
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