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Natural Hazards in the Mountain Environment: Risk Management and Responsibility

The desire to enjoy nature and the enthusiasm for practicing a wide variety of activities away from the stress of everyday life is bringing a growing amount of people closer to the mountain. Even though this trend is undoubtedly to welcome, it also leads to an increase in alpine accidents. These are usually followed by complex criminal liability issues, due to both the unpredictability of nature, and the tendency of people to disregard own mistakes and to blame other people. 

The research project “Natural Hazards in the Mountain Environment: Risk Management and Responsibility” is addressing these issues from a legal point of view and aims to bring nature and law closer to each other through interdisciplinary and empirical research.  [more] 

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Project partners

Logo UniIbk
University of Innsbruck (lead partner)

Margareth Helfer
project leader
  +43 512 507 80210 P

Klaus Schwaighofer
project team member 
+43 512 507 80810 


Domenico Rosani
project team member 
  +43 512 507 80238

Stefan Schwitzer
project researcher
  +43 512 507 80266

Elias Beltrami
student assistant
   +43 512 507 80267

Logo UniBz 

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Kolis Summerer
project coordinator
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
  +39 04720 14132 

Matteo Leonida Mattheudakis
project researcher


Logo EURAC (offizielles)


Lydia Pedoth
project coordinator at EURAC

  +39 0471 055 377

Fabio Carnelli
project researcher
  +39 0471 055 830

Silvia Cocuccioni
project researcher
  +39 0471 055 276 


Logo UniTn

Universität Trient 

Alessandro Melchionda
project coordinator
University of Trento

  +39 0461 283853 

Stefania Rossi
project researcher
  +39 0461 283504




Logo ÖAV



Österreichischer Alpenverein (ÖAV)
(Andreas Ermacora)



Logo AVS



Alpenverein Südtirol (AVS)
(Georg Simeoni -
Ivo Tschurtschenthaler) 





(Igor Chiambretti)



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