Research at the Deparment of Italian Law deals with Italian law as a whole and in a comparative and European perspective. Comparative law, in particular with Austrian and German law, also enables the creation of a special competence in German-Italian legal terminology. This also serves as a basis for bilingual legal texts and thus for a correct use of German legal language in South Tyrol.

Special attention is paid to the areas of Italian public law, Italian private law, Italian criminal law and criminal procedure law as well as Italian tax law. Accordingly, we also have four specialist libraries (  information), which are maintained by the individual members of the department (  information).

Italian public law

The public law sectore deals with Italian constitutional and regional law as well as Italian administrative law. One focus of research is South Tyrolean autonomy law including the protection of linguistic minorities. Our research includes questions of regionalism and federalism as well as comparative and legal terminological aspects of public law and references to European Union and international law in the research areas, which are dealt with also within the framework of the Research Center for Federalism (Forschungszentrum Föderalismus).

Italian private law

The private law sector deals with Italian civil law, business law and international private law from a comparative law perspective. In comparative law, the focus is particularly on the comparison of Italian law with Austrian and German law.

Italian criminal law and criminal procedure law

The criminal Law sector is devoted to Italian criminal law and criminal procedure law from a comparative law perspective. Research priorities include the theory of criminal law, criminal law in its fundamental rights, European, and international context, as well as economic criminal law. In addition, special attention is paid to questions of medical and biological law, sports law, juvenile criminal law, and the complex of issues relating to criminal law and digitization. Finally, a central concern is the maintenance of German-Italian legal terminology with translations of Italian legal texts on criminal law and criminal procedure into German. Currently it is also being worked on the research project “Natural Hazards in the Mountain Environment: Risk Management and Responsibility”. 

Italian tax law

The tax law sector deals with the entire Italian tax law. In addition, a focus is placed on comparative, European and international tax law. Particular attention is paid to questions of cross-border taxation, corporate taxation and taxation of capital income in an international context. Furthermore, questions of non-profit taxation are also examined.

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