International Relations

The Department of Italian Law has always been characterised by his strong international character, which is reflected in the study of Italian Law as well as in the scientific orientation of the Department.

Strategically located between the German-speaking area and Italy, Comparative Law plays a central role at the University of Innsbruck. In addition to the focus countries Italy, Austria and Germany, the Department also deals with other legal systems as well as with the Law of the European Union and International Law. The analysis of language and law is at the centre of the work of all Department members, in particular with regard to the German and Italian languages. In this sense, the Innsbruck Faculty of Law was also one of the main players in the German translation of the Italian Civil and Criminal Law Codes and the Civil and Criminal Procedure Codes.

As far as the study of Italian Law is concerned, the increasing internationalisation has also been taken into account in the new curriculum, in force since 2018, which provides for a special module with an international dimension. The Erasmus+ mobility programme of the European Union and the other exchange programmes in which the University participates also offer a wide range of opportunities for undergraduates and PhD students. There are dozens of universities in different European and non-European countries to choose from. Participation in mobility programmes makes it possible to improve language skills, get to know new realities in life and study, and establish contacts with people from all over the world. But not only that: International experience is also a decisive criterion when looking for a job – the mastery of several languages and the knowledge and openness towards different cultures can play a decisive role.

As far as research is concerned, the traditional partnership between the Department of Italian Law and the Universities of Padova and Trento provides a valuable framework for cooperation and comparison between experienced scholars and young researchers from different legal systems. In this context, the cooperation with the scientific institutions within the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino is of particular importance. In addition to institutional cooperation, the Department is actively involved in numerous other forms of formal and informal cooperation with universities and research institutions in various European countries. This promotes academic exchange, lecture series, joint research projects and seminars for undergraduates and PhD students. The Department also regularly welcomes visiting scientists coming to Innsbruck for study and research stays.

The Department's research activities, which are provided both in the form of publications and through participation in national and international research projects, conferences, working groups and initiatives, enjoy great attention in Italy and in German-speaking countries, but also on an international level.

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