Continuing Education (University Courses)

Public Procurement in South Tyrol

The course is addressed to employees of public bodies, public companies and other institutions in South Tyrol who are active in the field of procure­ment and exercise or are supposed to take over the function of sole persons responsible for procedures (EVV/RUP).
The course imparts the knowledge of European, national and local law required for exercising the function of an EVV/RUP in South Tyrol. 

Italian Law
for Study
and Practice

Each summer semester we offer short Italian Law training programmes in German for Austrian jurists.
Partici­pants are introduced to the most important sectors of Italian Law and learn the relevant Italian legal termi­nology, basing on their know­ledge of Austrian Law. 

Career Components
Italian Law

This additional offer aims at providing South Tyrolean economy students with the legal knowledge that is particularly important for business careers in South Tyrol and Italy.
The selection of courses is based both on relevant courses held in Italian uni­ver­sities and on the contents of the Italian Professional Qualification Exam for Business Consultants. 

We also organise events (e.g. conventions, conferences, workshops) for which the Bar Association of Bozen/Bolzano awards educational credits. Please refer to the calendar of events on the homepage.
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