Quality and Security Program Tirol (QSP)

The Quality and Security Program Tirol of the University Innsbruck offers our students a broader selection of lectures and courses in the fields of Software Engineering and Information Security.

Workshops given by practising experts

QSP Labs

With a length of half a day to one and a half days, the QSP Labs are workshops held by experts in their field of research. 

The ECTS credit points of several QSP Labs can be used as elective course within the Bachelor and Master study of Computer Science. 

QSP Talks

The purpose of the QSP Talks is to invite top-class scientists to Innsbruck to give their talks at the Department of Computer Science.

QSP Teaching

QSP Teaching includes the elective couses as well as the QSP Labs in the fields of Software Engineering, Information Security and IT-Management.

Furthermore, Bachelor and Master Thesis in co-operation with QSP company partners are offered. 

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