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Master - Strategic Management


Our team offers multiple courses in the Bachelor-, Master-, Diploma and Ph.D. programs. You can find a list of all of our courses if you follow the Link to the LFU-Online  . Everything else you will need for the course can be found on OLAT  .


If you are interested in writing your thesis at our institute we summed up all the information you will need. There, you will also find some basic guidelines and hints for successfully working on your thesis. [more]

New Master program Marketing & Branding

We are happy to announce that our new master’s program “Marketing & Branding” is going to start in the upcoming winter semester 2021/22 at our faculty.

The new, internationally oriented program allows completion within two years and consists of a large variety of interesting modules and a master thesis (120 ECTS).

Graduates develop and apply in-depth knowledge and a broad set of analytic and problem-solving skills in the context of marketing and brand management. Moreover, students can choose from an array of new and exciting courses, such as Product & Service Design, Customer Experience Management, or Digital Marketing.

We will update you regularly.

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