Teaching and Studies

Final Exam Weeks




Summer Term 2020     

06.07.2020 until 10.07.2020
Final exam registration: 15.06.2020 until 29.06.2020 12 a.m.

14.09.2020 until 18.09.2020
Final exam registration: 24.08.2020 until 07.09.2020 12 a.m.

30.11.2020 until 04.12.2020
Final exam registration: 09.11.2020 until 23.11.2020 12 a.m.

Offered Courses

Our Team offers a variety of courses for Bachelor-, Master-, Diploma and PhD-students. A list of all offered courses can be found via this link   . Any other documents you might need for the courses can be found in OLAT   .


If you are interested in writing your thesis at our department please contact us!


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