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In Short

The ETSM2030 is a project funded by the European Union (EU) to foster sustainability certification and sustainability knowledge within SMTEs as well as bring together sustainable working SMTEs in a network, where exchange is encouraged. The ETSM2030 project is part of COSME, which is a European program to support competitiveness amongst SMTEs within the EU.


ETSM2030 aims at establishing a network of tourism SMEs (SMTEs) to increase sustainability monitoring by co-creating and co-implementing sustainable innovations projects (SIP) and by boosting participation in relevant sustainable certification schemes, in particular the EU Ecolabel and EMAS.

Who can participate – What we expect & what you can get

Are you a striving, ambitious SMTE which loves to foster sustainability within your company, learn new ways of thinking sustainability and show your efforts to the public? 

If yes, you are encouraged to applicate for participating in the ETSM2030.
You not only have the chance to be part of a big network, foster sustainability and get to know about sustainability certification, you will also be supported financially for your participation.

ETSM2030 selects 80 SMTEs. Every SMTE which meets the criteria is encouraged to applicate for participating in the ETSM2030 project.

By participating you have the chance to meet leading SMTEs regarding sustainability performance and monitoring, exchange with each other and be a part of a sustainability network of SMTEs. You get workshops and knowledge about how to measure sustainability and certificate this to show your efforts to your customers and the public.


The ETSM2030 project team sets criteria for the selection of 80 SMTEs, then the selection of the SMTEs will be made via an open call in six EU countries. After selecting the SMTEs which will participate in the program, the SMTEs will be boosted in their sustainability performance.

First the status quo of the SMTE's sustainability awareness, practices and monitoring is assessed. In the second step the ETSM2030 will improve the knowledge level about sustainability monitoring and actions by developing a sustainability monitoring tool which is suitable for the SMTEs and can easily be integrated in their daily routines. Through this monitoring and indicator system and by using digital tools, the sustainability practices among the participating European SMTEs can be benchmarked.

In the following step the participating SMTEs receive specific trainings and coaching about sustainability, how to monitor it and to take advantage of a collaborative learning platform. Also, the SMTEs reveal potential for sustainability innovation projects (SIPs).

Due to this learning effects and cross-border exchange of the SMTEs they are encouraged to apply for established sustainability certification schemes (EU-standards) and be part of the "SESTINE" network (Sustainability European SMTE Innovation Network of Excellence).

The SESTINE network is an online platform where the best practices of sustainability monitoring and innovation projects are presented to the public and where exchange between the participating SMTEs is encouraged.


The ETSM 2030 project is carried out by the following partners:

  • University of Innsbruck, Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism – coordinator (Austria)
  • Eurac Research (Italy)
  • Poznań University of Economics and Business (PUEB) (Poland)
  • RoMontana, National Association for Rural and Mountain Development (Romania)
  • IMC University of applied Sciences Krems (Austria)- Tourcert GmbH (Germany)
  • Centre of Business Excellence (CEB) (Slovenia)
  • TVB Innsbruck (Austria)


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If you are interested to participate or have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at etsm2030@uibk.ac.at







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