Transfer into practice

We strive to maintain close contact with the tourism industry, addressing issues from the tourism and leisure industry in our transfer projects. Find out more here:

We are currently working on the following projects:


 familienwanderung Digital themed trails: This project aims to take new digital paths with the intention to redesign the Alpine hiking industry close to the valley. One objective here is to create attractive hiking tourism for young and old, taking into account their target group-specific wishes and needs while reducing the so-called "signpost forest". For further information, contact  and
 JungunternehmerIn Gasthaus

The death of inns in Tyrol: An evaluation of the background and challenges: This research initiative deals with the challenges and backgrounds of the death of guest houses while evaluating the package of measures recently developed by the province of Tyrol for young entrepreneurs operating them. Further information at 

 Generation Y

Socio-economic sustainability of family businesses in Tyrolean tourism: Future model for the main source market Germany? : We analyze the values and needs of the "early Generation Y" from Germany in relation to family-run hotel businesses in order to derive a long-term product and offer developmental ideas. For further information contact  and

 Meeting_Friends Visiting friends and relatives (VFR). Who comes to visit? We analyse visitor segments of students and their tourism behaviour. What role do students play as hosts in destinations? Contact us for more information
Green city

Smart and green cities: The focus is on the question of what concrete elements a city has to offer that make visitors perceive it as smarter (e.g. more efficient, technologically advanced, greener, and more socially inclusive). Further information at 

Achtsamkeit Attention

Mindfulness in gastronomy. Using a mystery check questionnaire, cafés, restaurants and bars in Innsbruck were evaluated anonymously by testers from different age groups. Does greater mindfulness lead to more consumption and an increased intention to revisit? Further information at

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