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Mike Peters

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mike Peters

Endowment Professorship
Spokesman of  Research Centre Tourism and Recreation
Spokesman of "Doctorate Programm Tourism and Leisure in Mountain Regions"


  +43 (0) 512/507-72450

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Gina Erika Reichert

Gina Erika Reichert, BA

Office Management

  +43 512 / 507-72452

  Monday - Thursday, 9 to 13


Research Associates:


Serena Lonardi

Dott.ssa Mag. Serena Lonardi

University Assistant and PhD Student


  +43 (0) 512/507-72457 


Marius Mayer

Dr. Marius Mayer, Dipl.-Geogr.

Assistant Professor

consultation-hour: by arrangement



Sarah Eichelberger

Sarah Eichelberger, MSc

University Assistant and PhD Student 


 +43 (0) 512/507-72458



Joachim Nigg

Joachim Nigg, MSc 

University Assistant and PhD Student


  +43 (0) 512/507- 72456 


Project team members


Robert Eller

Mag. (FH) Robert Eller

Project Team and PhD Student

  +43 (0) 512/507- 72454

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Stefan Ortner

Mag. Stefan Ortner

Project Team



Johanna Sparber

Johanna Sparber

Project Team 


Former employees

Julia Schwab

Julia Schwab

Project Team

  +43 512 / 507-72451



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