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Program Information

The students of the Master’s Degree Program in English and American Studies acquire sound knowledge and competencies in the fields of English linguistics and culture, English literature and culture as well as American literature and culture. Students may choose as electives courses and programs offered in other departments and institutes of the faculty. For general information about the MA English and American Studies, please click here: 


Exam Information and Dates

VO American Literature and Culture (mit Leseliste)

Please refer to the following Reading List

VO "19th-Century American Fiction: Reading Cultures" with Prof. Christian Quendler



VO "US-Literature in the 20th Century" with Prof. Christian Quendler 








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VO American Cinema, Media and Culture

VO "The Literary History of US Cinema" with Prof. Christian Quendler


  • June 30, 2022:              3rd exam date of the winter-semester lecture 2021/22
                                           1st  exam date of the summer-semester lecture 2022
    Registration:   June 24, 2022 between 9 am and noon 
    by emailing; (cc:



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VO "Screening America: A Historical Survey of US Documentary Film" with Prof. Christian Quendler







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MA Thesis: General Information  

In order to complete your MA in English and American Studies, you need to submit a Master's thesis (22,5 ECTS-Credits). The topic of the MA thesis must be taken from one of the selected elective modules (1-9). In order to officially declare your topic and thesis supervisor, you must have succefully completed the compulsory module 1. The MA thesis must be written in English. 

The "Preparation of the Master's Thesis" (5 ECTS-Credits) precedes the actual composition of the MA thesis. The MA program is completed with the "Master's Thesis Defence (Defensio)" (2.5 ECTS-Credits).

For information regarding length, citation style, formatting, submission deadlines, etc., contact your thesis advisor and follow their instructions precisely. 

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Diploma Exam Information ("Lehramt alt")

More information can be found here.


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