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Program Information

Students of the MA Teacher Training Program: English deepen and expand their knowledge and competencies acquired in the Bachelor's program in order to become fully-fledged teachers of English. These competencies are mainly related to the areas of language practice, linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies and subject didactics. Special attention is also given to participation in academic discourse. For general information about the program, click here: MA Teacher Training Program: English

Exam Information and Dates

VO American Literature and Culture (mit Leseliste)

Please refer to the following Reading List

VO "US-Literature in the 20th Century" with Prof. Christian Quendler



VO "19th-Century American Fiction: Reading Cultures" with Prof. Christian Quendler


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MA Thesis: General Information  

In order to complete your MA, you need to submit an MA thesis (22,5 ECTS-Credits). The topic of your MA thesis can be chosen from one of four areas: 1) Education Studies, 2) a teaching subject, 3) the didactics of one teaching subject, 4) a specialization. Supervisors are to be chosen from the respective areas of expertise. It is strongly recommended to select interdisciplinary topics.

If the supervisor(s) agree(s), the MA thesis can be written in a foreign language. In the teaching subjects English, French, Italian, and Spanish it must be written in the respective language.

In the module "Conception of the Master's Thesis" (5 ECTS-Credits), the topic, the scope, and the form of the MA thesis are agreed upon on the basis of a brief synopsis (exposé). This module is not a course but is done individually with the supervisor(s). 

Guidelines for the academic standards of master thesis from Univ.-Prof. Christian Quendler. 

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Final Exam: Information

Defensio (MA)

The MA program is completed with the "Master's Thesis Defence" (2.5 ECTS-Credits), which is an oral defence (defensio) of the MA thesis before a committee, which is comprised of three persons. At least one of them must be habilitated and the examiners must come from the respective areas of expertise. 

You can only register for the defense once a positive grade of your MA thesis has been submitted. The defense can then take place three weeks after the registration at the earliest. The "Prüfungsreferat" (Examinations Office) needs this time to check the formal requirements, obtain the necessary signatures, and send out the form for the minutes of the exam.

Diploma Exam ("Lehramt alt")

More information can be found here


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