Teacher Training Program: MA English

 Teacher Training Program MA English: Program Information

Exam Information: VO American Literature and Culture ♦ MA Thesis: General information ♦ Final Exam Information

Exam Information and Dates

VO American Literature and Culture (mit Leseliste)

Please refer to the following Reading List

VO "19th-Century American Fiction: Reading Cultures" with Prof. Christian Quendler


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VO "US-Literature in the 20th Century" with Prof. Christian Quendler







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VO "The Literary History of US Cinema" bei Prof. Christian Quendler


  • June 30, 2022:               3rd exam date of the winter-semester lecture 2021/22
                                            1st  exam date of the summer-semester lecture 2022
    Registration:   June 24, 2022 between 9 am and noon 
    by mailing to amerikastudien@uibk.ac.at; (cc: christian.quendler@uibk.ac.at)



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MA Thesis: General Information  

The MA thesis can be written in one of four areas: 1) educational science principles, 2 teaching subject/specialization, 3) teaching methodology, 4) in an overarching area. Supervisors are to be chosen from the respective areas of expertise.

Final Exam: Information

Defensio (MA)

The defensio is a board examination, which involves the defense of the master's thesis. The committee is comprised of three persons; one must be habilitated and the examiners must come from the respective areas of expertise. 

Diploma Exam

More information can be found here


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