Areas of Research and Training ♦ Aims and Competences 


The Department of American Studies covers all aspects concerning North American literature, culture, film, and media in the BA and MA programs English and American Studies as well as the BA and MA in English as part of the Teacher Training program. 


Areas of Research and Teaching

American Literature | American Culture | Film and Media Studies

  • Overview of American literature and culture, from the beginnings to the present
  • Interaction between American literature and culture with the rest of the world in the context of history and contemporary culture
  • Analysis of literature and history
  • Philosophy, art and the analysis of social institutions and the media
  • Socio-anthropological and semitic studies of multicultural American society and life
  • Significant and constituating systems like film, music, advertisement etc.
  • Questions of class, gender, ethnicity and identity; research on migration
  • Techniques and methods of academic research and writing
  • Knowledge of text analysis (terminology and methodology)
  • Discussion of the most important theories of literary and cultural studies
  • Research of relevant and different types of texts and media (e.g. fiction, areas of popular culture, film theater, print media, internet)
  • For students in the teacher training program: practical use of the mentioned content in teaching situations

Aims and Competences

  • Analysis and interpretation of literary and culturally relevant texts
  • Recognizing and analysing the interrelation between culture and literature
  • Recognizing and explaining cultural, historical and sociological phenomena
  • Development of understanding for the multitude and complexity of the American society
  • Development of an intercultural competence
  • Critical discussion of cultural phenomena in modern society
  • Preparation for teaching English at high schools and in adult education
  • In order to allow students and faculty contact with the USA, the department makes use of various joint study programs and friendship agreements the university has with various universities in the USA.
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