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Areas of Research and Teaching

American Literature | American Culture | Film and Media Studies
  • Overview of American literature and culture, from the beginnings to the present
  • Interaction between American literature and culture with the rest of the world in the context of history and contemporary culture
  • Canadian Studies
  • Analysis of literature and history
  • Philosophy, art and the analysis of social institutions and the media
  • Socio-anthropological and semitic studies of multicultural American society and life
  • Significant and constituating systems like film, music, advertisement etc.
  • Questions of class, gender, ethnicity and identity; research on migration
  • Techniques and methods of academic research and writing
  • Knowledge of text analysis (terminology and methodology)
  • Discussion of the most important theories of literary and cultural studies
  • Research of relevant and different types of texts and media (e.g. fiction, areas of popular culture, film theater, print media, internet)
  • For students in the teacher training program: practical use of the mentioned content in teaching situations




Tenured Faculty

  • Heller, Arno. Experiments with the Novel of Maturation: Henry James and Stephen Crane, 1976.
  • Grabher, Gudrun. Das lyrische Du: Du-Vergessenheit und Möglichkeiten der Du-Bestimmung in der amerikanischen Dichtung, 1989.
  • Klarer, Mario. Seeing through Bodies: Ekphrasis and the Historicity of Representation in English and American Literature, 1997.
  • Quendler, Christian. Confessions of a Camera Eye, 2013.



Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Rainer, Carmen: May Swenson and Her Poetry: Sharing a „Lonely Faith“, 2017. (Grabher)
  • Köll, Karin Walpurga: Killing Justice: Ethnicity, Class, Gender, and Violent Death in American Culture and Law, 2017. (Grabher)
  • Spindler, Robert: Among Pirates: Barbary Captivity and Early Modern Literature and Culture in Europe and America, 2016. (Klarer)
  • Haidegger, Ingrid:"Make Them Expectant": The Movie Poster as a Marketing Tool and Genre Indicator, 2015. (Klarer)
  • Rudig, Stefanie: Self-Location, Self and Location. Migrant Literature by Women Writers in Victorian New Zealand, 2015. (Klarer)
  • Schmied, Iris: The Hero And His Mythical / Musical Journey in Major Hollywood Films, 2015 (Grabher)
  • Laner, Barbara: Cinematic Cannibalism: Instances of Media Cannibalism in Film History, 2014. (Klarer)
  • Klecker, Cornelia: Spoiler Alert! Mind-Tricking Narratives in Contemporary Hollywood Film, 2011. (Klarer)
  • Mahlknecht Johannes: Writing on the Edge. Paratexts in Narrative Cinema, 2011. (Klarer)
  • Kreutner, Edith. Hurricane Katrina and Her Literature: An Analysis of the Catastrophe and its Reflection in US Literature, 2011. (Heller)
  • Leisner, Andreas. Individualism in U.S. Mythology: The Lawman as Promethean Figure in the Western, 2010. (Grabher)
  • Prantl, Philip: Sensing Justice: American Jury System, 2010. (Grabher)
  • Feyersinger, Erwin. Metalepsis in Animation: Paradoxical Transgressions of Ontological Levels, 2010. (Klarer)
  • Jäger, Markus. Popular Is Not Enough: The Political Voice of Joan Baez, 2009. (Klarer)
  • Schwarz, Claudia. The Ethics of Storytelling, 2008. (Grabher)
  • Klein, Verena Elisabeth. Mothering Her Self, 2005. (Grabher)
  • Müller, Elfi. Musizierende Literatur. Die Thematisierung der Selbst-Entgrenzung durch Musik in ausgewählten Werken der amerikanischen Prosa des 20. hunderts, 1997. (Grabher)
  • Dlaska, Andrea: Ways of Belonging. Appropriating Spaces, Fashioning Identities: The Fiction of Bharati Mukherjee, 1997. (Scheer)
  • Dehler, Johanna: Fragments of Desire: Sapphic Fictions in the Works of H.D., Judy Grahn, and Monique Wittig, 1997. (Scheer)
  • Bösch, Susanna: "Sturdy Black Bridges" on the American Stage. The Portrayal of Black Motherhood in Selected Plays by Contemporary African American Women Playwrights, 1994. (Heller)
  • Ilg, Angelika: Tradition und Wandel: Eine analytische Betrachtung der Erzählwerke Elizabeth Spencers, 1994. (Scheer)
  • Leitner, Miryam: Janice Mirikitani. A Monography, 1994. (Scheer)
  • Vogt, Elke: Grenzsituationen im Werk von Ursula LeGuin, 1994. (Heller)
  • Wogowitsch, Margit. Narrative Strategies and Multicultural Identity: Maxine Hong Kingston in Context, 1993. (Scheer)
  • Kallenberg-Schröder, Andrea Renate. Autobiographisches in Arthur Millers familienzentrierten Dramen, 1992. (Heller)
  • Wohlfahrter, Klaus. Filmische Passagen in die Neue Welt, Entwürf ethno-amerikanischer Kulturen im Migrationsfilm, 1992. (Heller)
  • Ramsey-Kurz, Helga. The Anatomy of Fiction. Fragwürdige Frauenfreundschaften in den Romanen von Anita Brookner, Alice Thomas Ellis und Emma Tennant, 1992. (Scheer)
  • Danler, Paul. Der Chicano Roman im Kontext. Eine Einführung, 1991. (Scheer)
  • Klarer, Mario. Frau und Utopie: Funktion von Geschlecht in der literarischen Utopie mit exemplarischen Analysen anglo-amerikanischer Frauenromane, 1990. (Heller)
  • Donnenberg, Gislar Innovation und Orthodoxie: Cynthia Ozick und der Versuch eines neuen amerikanisch-jüdischen Romans, 1990. (Heller)



Diploma Theses/MA Theses


Current Research Projects

Kaiser Maximilian goes digital: Vom "Gedächtnis" zum Datenspeicher 

Delocating Mountains: Cinematic Landscape and the Alpine Model




Finished Research Projects

Ambraser Heldenbuch: 1.1. 2017 to 31.12.2019

ESCAPE: European Slaves: Christians in African Pirate Encounters: Barbary Coast Captivity Narratives (1550-1780) - FWF-Project March 1 to Feb. 28, 2019
Sparkling Science Project " SLAVES": 1.9. 2017 to 31.12. 2019
SchülerInnen leiten eine Ausstellungsvorbereitung zu europäischen Sklaven



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