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 European Slaves:
Christians in African
Pirate Encounters



Online Article
Vormoderne Sklaverei am Mittelmeer,, December 6 2019, online.

Newspaper Article
"Piraten lockten 50.000 Besucher nach Ambras", Tiroler Tagezeitung, September 11 2019.

Online Article
Piraterie und Sklaverei: Auf Menschenjagd im MittelmeerDer Standard,  July 2 2019, online.

Newspaper Article
"Wie ein Tiroler Bauer von Piraten versklavt wurde", Tiroler Tageszeitung Magazin, July 15 2018.

Newspaper Article
"Menschenhandel im Mittelmeerraum", Die Presse, June 9 2018.

Robert Spindler (Innsbruck), "Renegados: Converted Christians in British Barbary Captivity Narratives." at the International Symposium Buccaneers, Corsairs, Pirates and Privateers: Connecting the Early Modern Seas at the Bielefeld University, 13.04.2018.

Robert Spindler (Innsbruck), "Three Early Modern Barbary Captivity Narratives in the German Language and their Portrayal of Islam" for the Mediterranean Collaborative, Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World at the University of Minnesota, 08.11.2017.

Robert Spindler (Innsbruck), "Masters, Agusins and Renegados: Portrayals of Muslims in Early Modern Barbary Captivity Narratives from Germany and Austria" for the SAGES Program at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, 04.11.2017.

Newspaper article
"Auf zum Entern!", Der Standard.

Robert Spindler (Innsbruck), "Merckwürdige Lebens- und Reisebeschreibung: Der Bericht des Johann Michael Kühn" at the workshop "Erzählen zwischen Fakt und Fiktion" in Innsbruck, 23.02.2017.

German article about our conference on "Piracy and Captivity in the Mediterranean: 1530-1810" in Innsbruck.

Newspaper article
"Als christlicher Gefangener unter Piraten", Der Standard.

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Project Leader: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Klarer

The research project focuses on early modern—that is, mostly sixteenth-, seventeenth-, and eighteenth-century—survivor narratives by Europeans who were enslaved on North Africa’s Barbary Coast. Centerpiece of the research effort is an anthology of shorter unedited slave or captivity narratives. Unlike previous research the project primarily focuses on survivor narratives from a literary perspective. These memoirs will be treated as an independent narrative text type or genre, which shares features of the modern novel but predates it by more than a century.