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    Directed by: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Margaret F. Davidson

    Funded by: US Embassy Vienna/U.S. Department of State

    Co-sponsored by: University of Innsbruck, University of New Orleans/Innsbruck Program, Austro-American Society/Tirol

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    Nicole Schanzmeyer

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    The U.S: Consulate in Vienna, on directives from Washington,  continues to advise U.S. citizens in Austria to return home as soon as possible. Most Americans who are still here do not want to depart Austria and are sheltering in place here. But it is important to make very clear that now is the time to depart if you do not live here or are intending to stay. It is unknown how long this is all going to last, how long the U.S. Embassy and Consulate will be on reduced operations, how long the airports will stay open. With so many unknowns, it’s necessary to prepare for the fact that everyone must have a support network in place in this country, or should go to where they have one.  At the end everyone’s circumstances are different and it’s a personal choice. Anyone who cannot afford to travel may contact the U.S. Consulate in Vienna, which has loans available to help with travel returns to the U.S.  These loans are not available from the U.S. Government for people residing abroad to maintain living expense; the only remedy if that is an issue is to return home.  Please be advised that evacuation flights are not free. While initially, there is no cost, the costs are later billed to the passengers on the plane.  And it becomes a loan from the U.S. Government. Everyone has to board the plane facing an unknown expense. The Consulate has done a couple of repatriations lately, with the total cost to return home under 500 Euro.  The later costs to charter a plane will be much higher, and will also depend on the number of passengers who want to actually evacuate. If you are a U.S. citizen in Austria wanting to return to the United States, please contact:


    The Austrian government has made the following official statement:

    Third country nationals (persons who are not citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area, Switzerland or the United Kingdom) who cannot leave Austria due to the current situation and who are at risk of staying in Austria beyond the permitted stay, are advised to contact the provincial head office of the federal police directorate. Their contact details can be found under the following link:  



    Information for those returning to the U.S.:

    Upon arrival, travelers will proceed to standard customs processing. They will then continue to enhanced entry screening where the passenger will be asked about their medical history, current condition, and asked for contact information for local health authorities. Passengers will then be given written guidance about COVID-19 and directed to proceed to their final destination, and immediately home-quarantine in accordance with CDC best practices.


    2020 is an important voting year in the U.S. 
    The Brookings Institution is offering a free, online course which begins Sunday, January 12. 

    You can sign up here: 


    More information on the course is here:


    The American Corner Innsbruck is proud of our Director, Dr. Margaret Davidson, who was honored at the "Dies Academicus" ceremony Friday, 18 October 2019.  She received the Ehrenzeichen of the Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck for 30 years of work contributing to Austrian-American relations and to the city and university partnerships between Innsbruck and New Orleans, which includes her honorary work as director of the ACI.  Among the other honorees was former Austrian Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer, who received an honorary doctorate.




    Virtual Event

    “Nail that Interview!”

    Monday 29 June at 17:00 Uhr/5:00pm


    To all of our friends of the American Corner Innsbruck, we invite you to join us this upcoming Monday for another presentation with guest speaker, Elizabeth Bachman. She is a sought-after speaker and trainer in Silicon Valley who helps train leaders and influences to become concise, compelling speakers globally. This month's presentation will focus on 'nailing' an interview whether it be for a job or studies in the U.S. Please join us on 29 June, 2020 as she teaches us to present ourselves as smart, down-to-earth, friendly, funny while still being taken seriously.


    Join us on Facebook for a virtual handshake!





    Virtual Event

    “Three big presentation mistakes”

    Wednesday, 27 May 2020, 17:00 Uhr/5:00pm


    The American Corner Innsbruck invites you a special podcast:

    While her high-level clients are largely in the world of business, her training tips work well in basically all walk of life. Do you hope to study, teach, research or work in the U.S.? Then join Elizabeth on the American Corner Innsbruck Facebook site for this 20-minute podcast, free and open to the public:





    Virtual Event

    COVID-19 Global Hackaton


    The COVID-19 Global Hackathon is an opportunity for developers to build software solutions that drive social impact, with the aim of tackling some of the challenges related to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    We’re encouraging YOU - innovators around the world - to #BuildforCOVID19 using technologies of your choice across a range of suggested themes and challenge areas - some of which have been sourced through health partners including the World Health Organization and scientists at the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub.

    The hackathon welcomes locally and globally focused solutions, and is open to all developers - with support from technology companies and platforms including AWS, Facebook, Giphy, Microsoft, Pinterest, Salesforce, Slack, TikTok, Twitter and WeChat, who will be sharing resources to support participants throughout the submission period.


    Check it out:





    If you have a question:
    If you are a U.S. citizen and need emergency assistance, please call (+43 1) 313 39 7535 during regular working hours or
    (+43 1) 31339-0 for after-hours assistance.

    If you have visa-related or ESTA questions, please send an e-mail to or visit

    If you have a customs-related question, you may want to contact the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) at:

    If you are planning to travel to the U.S. and need to bring along medication, please check:  "Traveling with or mailing medications and medical devices, such as needles or oxygen tanks":
    If you are planning to travel to the U.S. and would like to bring along chocolate etc. , please check:  "Travelers bringing food into the U.S. for personal use" at:
    If you are planning to travel to the U.S. and would like to take your pet, please check: “Bringing an Animal into the U.S.” at:

    If you are conducting research on U.S. foreign policy, please visit for an overview of current policy issues.
    US Embassy Vienna on social media:

     ACI Library 

    The ACI now has four Kindles that can be checked out!
    Click here for a full list of the Kindle contents.

    All of the books on our bookshelf in front of our office are registered with - - an international book exchange program. Come by and check it out!


    For our Hurricane Katrina Commemoration Lecture Series

    If you missed our Hurricane Katrina Lecture Series, come by the office and check out our selection of books, graphic novels, and DVDs on the topic of the disaster, the flood, and the time after the storm had hit the Big Easy.