Diplomarbeiten und Masterarbeiten
1991 bis 2000

(kein Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit)


Delmarko, Sabine. Two lives . one struggle: Jigsaw puzzles of hyphenated identities in Richard Rodriguez's "Hunger of Memory. The education of Richard Rodriguez" and Joy Kogawa's "Obasan", 2000. (Grabher)

Gasser, Silvia: Cultures meeting on the road: Bruce Chatwin, Marlo Morgan, and native American voices, 2000. (Scheer)

Haller, Marlies. Portraits of Women by Women Writers in Turn-of-the-Century American Literature, 2000. (Grabher)

Helfer, Gerald. An ecocritical approach to Barry Lopez's Desert Notes: Reflections in the Eye of the Raven, River Notes: The Dance of the Herons, 2000. (Grabher)

Kleber, Angelika. The human wish to play God as reflected in American literature: "The Birth-mark" by Nathaniel Hawthorne; "I have no mouth, and I must scream" by Harlan Jay Ellison; "Survival of the fittest" by Jonathan Kellerman, 2000. (Grabher)

Köll, Nina. Reading Darius James' "Negrophobia": as bakhtinian anti-discourse to popular culture, 2000 (Klarer)

König, Michaela. The Throes of the Unconscious: The Dynamics of Psychological Healing in Toni Morrison’s Novel Beloved and Jazz, 2000. (Grabher)

Kranebitter, Kerstin. Victorian women in Kate Chopin's "The Awakening" and Edith Wharton's "The House of Mirth": Victims or Heroines? 2000. (Grabher)

Moser, Heidi Elizabeth. Life in South Africa under apartheid as seen through Elsa Joubert's "The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena" and Ellen Kuzwayo's "Call Me Woman", 2000. (Grabher)

Pomella, Sibylle. Kate Chopin and woman's quest for authenticity, 2000. (Grabher)

Rohrleitner, Marion. Memory, language and female identity in contemporary Chicano and Native American short stories and poetry, 2000. (Grabher)


Antretter, Martina. Silence in the Poetry of e.e. cummings, 1999. (Grabher)

Mach, Christine. Questions of Language and Identity in Quebec Illustrated by the Example of the Italo-Canadian Writer Marco Micone, 1999. (Grabher)

Pfeifer, Jürgen. Ti Jean and Beatrik Avatar: The Two Faces of Jack Kerouac?, 1999. (Grabher)

Seeber, Barbara. Death and Voices of Mourning in Edgar Allan Poe’s “Ligeia”, Bharati Mukherjee’s “The Management of Grief”, and Lynne Sharon Schwartz’s Disturbances in the Field, 1999. (Grabher)

Tocca, Elisabeth. Italian American Family Life. Mario Puro’s The Fortunate Pilgrim, John Fante’s Wait Until Spring Bandini and Pietro Di Donato’s Christ in Concrete, 1999. (Grabher)

Trenkwalder, Georg. Moments of Insight in American Poetry, 1999. (Grabher)

Wallner-Wibmner, Sandra. The Black Minority: In Search of Identity, 1999. (Grabher)

Zerlauth, Martin. Lost? Beat? X?: An Existentialist Reappraisal of Ernest Hemingway’s Fiesta – The Sun Also Rises, Jack Kerovac’s On the Road, and Douglas Coupland’s Generation X – Tales for an Accelerated Culture, 1999. (Grabher)


Grabher, Harald. An Existential Analysis of John Barth and James Baldwin, 1998. (Grabher)

Ramoser, Elisabeth. The Relationship Between Intertextuality and a Holistic World View in Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient, 1998. (Grabher)


Braidt, Andrea Brigitte. “A Kiss is Just a Kiss …” Lesbian Romance and Feminist Independent Film, 1997. (Grabher)

Jelen, Ingrid. Life-Lies in Three Plays by Eugene O’Neill, 1997. (Grabher)

Jud, Helga. Poetry and Performance: Emily Dickinson’s Poems in Action, 1997. (Grabher)

Kahn Katharina-Anna. Writing about Georgia O’Keeffe: A Life’s Work – A Spectrum of Color, 1997. (Grabher)

Obexer, Regina. Three Portraits of the Artist As a Young Woman: Womanhood, Art and Other (Im)Possibilities in Violet Clay, Lives of Girls and Women, A Bird in the House”, 1997. (Grabher)

Pfeifhofer, Tanja. Portraits of Women in Tennessee Williams’ Plays The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 1997. (Grabher)

Reindl, Christine Anna. Broken Silence in Contemporary American Drama, 1997. (Grabher)

Reischer, Karin. Manifestations of Russia in Nabokov’s American Novels, 1997. (Grabher)

Rufinatscha, Katja. The Ambiguity of the Trickster Figure in the Mythology of the Native American Tribes of British Columbia, 1997. (Grabher)

Totschnig, Cornelia Maria. Tennessee Williams Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Walking Through the Gallery of Women in Three Film Adaptations From the Fifties to the Eighties, 1997. (Grabher)

Ulmer, Johanna. The Pursuit of Happiness in 20th-Century American Literature: Strange Interlude: Eugene O’Neill, The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder: Henry Miller Henderson, The Rain King: Saul Bellow, A Whole New Life: Reynolds Price, 1997. (Grabher)


Holzner, Sabine. Narrative Perspective and Character Development in the Presentation of Four Heroines of American Fiction, 1996. (Grabher)

Kofler, Ulrike. Portraits of Women in Toni Morrison’s Novels Sula, The Bluest Eye and Beloved”, 1996. (Grabher)

Miribung, Manuela. The Image of the Forest in Emily Carr’s Painting and Writing: A Metaphor for her Path-Through, 1996. (Grabher)


Ganser, Dorothea. The Solitary Self in the Work of Sylvia Plath, 1995. (Grabher)

Genluckner, Mathilde. Images of Blacks in White American Literature, 1995. (Grabher)

Leiter, Sabine. Gender Roles in American Children’s Literature, 1995. (Grabher)

Leschinger, Renate. Female Voices on Slavery, 1995. (Grabher)

Tankgl, Astrid. Race and Identity in Three African-American Novels of the 1980’s, 1995. (Grabher)


Brameshuber, Irene. Marilyn Monroe and her Reception: A Screen Play, 1994. (Heller)

Hilber, Judith. Bharati Mukherjee: A writer, a “painter”, an “architect”, an individualist, a nationalist, a cosmopolitan”, 1994. (Grabher)

Klausner, Alexandra. Silence in the Poetry of Robert Bly, 1994. (Grabher)

Matzeller, Martina. Beauty as Illusion and Reality. Aspects of a Phenomenon in Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire, 1994. (Grabher)

Vallazza, Marisa. Archie Randolph Ammons: Poetry and Ecology “To Be Quiet in the Hands of the Marvelous”, 1994. (Grabher)


Lukasser, Katrin. Margaret Atwood: A Canadian Woman Writer. The Search for Identity in Surfacing and The Edible Woman”, 1993. (Grabher)

Mader, Petra Edith. Gail Godwin’s Dream Children: Living in One’s Mind – an Attempt to Espace the Enclosure of Patriarchal Roles, 1993. (Grabher)

Moosbrugger, Claudia. Emily Dickinson and Music: Musical Settings of Her Poetry, 1993. (Grabher)

Rosanelli, Heidi. American Indian and US Concepts of Democracy and Individualism With Some Illustrations From Literature, 1993. (Grabher)

Wolf, Astrid. The Mystery of Mysteries: Love (e.e. cummings), 1993. (Grabher)


Ladurner, Valentin. N. Scott Momaday and the Power of Language, 1992. (Heller)

Natter, Katharina. The Love Relationships in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Novels, 1992. (Grabher)

Sandrisser, Dorith. Mothers and Daughters in American Short Stories: Ethical Implications For the ‘Self’, 1992. (Grabher)

Senn, Sabine. The feminist consciousness of Mary Wollstonecraft and Olive Schreiner in a socio-cultural context, 1992. (Heller)


Bösch, Susanne. Images of Black Women in Plays by August Wilson, Ntozake Shange and Adrienne Rich, 1991. (Heller)

Campisi, Sandra. Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire on Stage and on Screen, 1991. (Heller)

Fleischmann Sabine. An Approach to a Bicultural Interpretation of Keri Hulme's Novel The Bone People, 1991. (Heller)

Hammerer, Rosemarie. The Portrait of the Artist in Jorie Graham’s Poetry, 1991. (Grabher)

Huemer, Claudia. Adolescent Conversions in Works by John Updike, Flannery O'Connor and James Baldwin, 1991. (Heller)

Lapper, Maria. The American Society and the Role of the Women in the 1870s as Portrayed in Doctor Zay by Elisabeth Stuart Phelps and The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, 1991. (Grabher)

Loacker, Dietmar. The Facts Missing in Raymond Federman’s Fictional Autobiography, 1991. (Grabher)

Mark, Gabriele. The Individual and Nature: Contemporary American Literature: Edward Abbey and Robert M. Pirsig, 1991. (Heller)

Mair, Elisabeth. El Teatro Campesino, 1991. (Heller)

Oppitz, Judith. The Writings of Martin Luther King, 1991. (Heller)

Schuster, Helga. Redefining Gender Roles in Feminist Fairy Tales, 1991. (Grabher)

Steger, Beate. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X: Two Different Approaches to the Race Question, 1991. (Heller)

Wogowitsch, Margit.Narrative Strategies and Ethnic Identity: Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior and China Men. Dipl.Innsbruck, 1991. (Scheer)

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