20. 12. 2022 




Das Sekretariat und die Bibliothek für Zivilgerichtliches Verfahren sind in der Zeit von 23. 12. 2022 bis 5. 1. 2023 nicht besetzt!

In dringenden Fällen wird um Kontaktaufnahme unter bzw. ersucht.




21. 12. 2021 




Das Sekretariat und die Bibliothek für Zivilgerichtliches Verfahren sind in der Zeit von 24. bis 31. Dezember nicht besetzt!

In dringenden Fällen wird um Kontaktaufnahme unter bzw. ersucht.


Im Übrigen ist die Bibliothek Zivilgerichtliches Verfahren von 24. bis 31. Dezember 2021 geschlossen!




15. 09. 2021 


Apply for the World’s Leading Moot Court Competition
in International Arbitration


Are you interested in a once-in-a-lifetime experience by resolving an international business dispute and training your advocacy skills? Application to participate in this year’s Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court is now open.

The Vis Moot is the largest and most well-known student competition in the field of international commercial arbitration worldwide. 2000 students from approximately 380 universities and 60 different countries participate each year acting as representatives of parties to a hypothetical dispute.

What’s in it for you?

  • Participating in the VIS Moot gives you much sought-after extra-curricular qualification. You will gain knowledge in the fields of international commercial law, the CISG and international commercial arbitration.
  • Participating in the VIS Moot offers a unique teacher-student cooperation, as a team of six to eight students will closely collaborate with four supervisors. This year the supervisors will be Andreas Schwartze and Kristin Nemeth (both Department of Civil Law) as well as Desiree Prantl and Helmut Ortner (both highly experienced lawyers working at international law firms in the field of international arbitration).
  • You will strengthen your abilities to express yourself in legal English, both in writing and orally while also improving your presentation skills in general.
  • You will have the chance to train and compete in an international environment. You will participate with your team in various pre-moots, which are organised in different countries around the globe and online. The final hearings will take place in Vienna. The arbitrators come from as many jurisdictions as the teams, many of them are among the world’s leading academics and practitioners.
  • The Vis Moot offers unique networking opportunities at this early stage of your career. You will meet students from other countries as well as practitioners of renowned law firms. Due to the excellent reputation of the competition the arbitration community closely observes the competition, including the oral rounds in Vienna, and good teams are given the chance to use this as a kick-off for a career in international arbitration.

What is expected of you?

  • The competition is open to all students with an interest in solving international disputes; Erasmus students are welcome.
    Knowledge in civil law and civil procedure are recommended; an interest and willingness to familiarise yourself with international arbitration is expected.
  • You should have a sound knowledge of English (not necessarily legal terminology).
  • You should be highly motivated.
    There will be at least two meetings with the coaches per week.

Where do I apply/find more information?

The next steps

  • A first informative meeting will take place on 20 September 2021; a second one is scheduled for 27 September 2020.
  • The first meetings, including tailored introductions to the CISG and international commercial arbitration, will start shortly after that.



12. 02. 2021 



In Kürze wird im Facultas-Verlag die 5. Auflage (2021) des Studienbuchs "Zivilprozessrecht" von Kodek/Mayr erscheinen. Es befindet sich auf dem aktuellen Stand und berücksichtigt alle Neuerungen der letzten Jahre.



06. 03. 2019 


Das Studienbuch "Einführung in die Verfahren außer Streitsachen" von Mayr/Fucik ist aktuell in 2. Auflage im Facultas-Verlag Wien erschienen




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