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An Austrian-American Perspective on Contemporary History:
Oral history is as a core method in the field of contemporary historical research. For many decades, contemporary witnesses have significantly enriched this discipline, and they have become indispensable in the media's portrayal of contemporary history in television, radio, exhibitions, as well as in the realm of didactics. Due to technological transformations however, the management of oral history and its digital dissemination have noticeably evolved. Mediated narrative spaces have proliferated, resulting in a multitude of voices and memories. This project brings forth experts in Austrian and American contemporary history to engage in podcast discussions. They share their experiences as active contributors and participants in the evolving landscape of our discipline.
The first season of the series, "History Exchange", is dedicated to Günter Bischof, Director of the Center Austria and a professor at the University of New Orleans, who has also served as a visiting professor at the Department of Contemporary History in Innsbruck. This series is a present to him for his retirement.

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Names of the Interviewers, Title of the Interview and/or Interviewee, in: History Exchange. A Podcast Series, 2023-2025, [https://www.uibk.ac.at/zeitgeschichte/historyexchange/], Date of Access.

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