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 Our congratulations! Mirjam Mischi wins the DGT Science Award 2023 for the best young talent!


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Quality "stands out"!


The KMUT team is also successfully represented this year - Mirjam Mischie, MSc wins the DGT Science Award 2023 for the best young talent thesis (Master) at the ITB Berlin

Under the supervision of Ass.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Pikkemaat, the student has won the award with her Master´s thesis: "Is it More About Family or Business? Family-Run Hotel Businesses During Covid-19".

Mirjam and Birgit were visibly happy to receive this award on stage and enjoy the moment. 

A great award for Mirjam but also a confirmation of the successful support.


Congratulations once again and we look forward to many more "excellent" scientific papers.



Archive 2022

 Student4Student Summerschool from September 5 to 9


As part of the IMC2022 (International Mountain Conference), the Student4Student Summerschool will also take place this year from September 5 to 9 in Obergurgl.

Around 80 PhD students from all over the world, e.g. from India, Cameroon, Spain or France, will present their research work related to mountain research. The topics are diverse and interdisciplinary and include "natural hazards, glacier, climate, hydro, mountain biology, mountain atmosphere, mountain tourism".

In the field of mountain tourism, three sessions with thirteen contributions are planned: sustainable trasition to corporate regional responsibility, intangible cultural heritage and cultural tourism in the mountains and open tourism session. 

The aim of the internationl exchange is to learn from each other how to accompany and implement tourism developments. Such initiatives als enable us to link European Alpine tourism research with international research.

The subsequent IMC conference will take place in Innsbruck with a total of almost 800 participants.

Link to Summerschool:

Link zu IMC:



Restaurants must move with the times



Over the past two years, Alexander Plaikner from the Research Center for Tourism and Leisure has been working intensively on the decline of inns in Tyrol. In the final report of the research initiative, he now presents an inventory of the challenges that Tyrolean inns are currently facing. The report als outlines possible solutions.



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A report on our Interreg Austria-Italy project in the daily newspaper "Die Presse". The project is completed and stimulated further project initiatives in Austria and Tyrol!

to the report of "Die Presse"




On the trail of dying inns:




As part of their bachelor´s thesis, Katharina and Barbara Weiskopf tried to find out what future traditional inns have and how to counteract the death of inns.

Here is the link to the podcast:



Marius Mayer


In December 2021, Dr. Marius Mayer, research associate at the Institute of Stratetgic Management, Marketing and Tourism, was awarded the prestigious Science Prize for Human Geography by the Prof. Dr. Frithjof Voss Foundation for Geography.






Our offices are currently located at

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We look forward to your visit!


 Archive 2021

Treffen Plaikner_Margreiter_Rainer
Titel Initiative für Erhalt von Wirtshäusern

Article in the  TT of 17.08.2021 on the #dufehlst initiative :  [more]

further information:

Zur Initiative #dufehlst

Interview in der "TIROLERIN"  zum Thema Tourismus Impulse


TIROLERIN-TOURISMUS-IMPULSE - Interview with Mike Peters 





The SME & Tourism Team and the students of the basic course work together with the tourism accosiation of Innsbruck. The goal is to find out more about the "Friends and Relatives Tourism" and analyse it's Potential.


People who visit our students during their studies play a major role for economic city traveling. However we do not know a lot about their travel behaviour, their motives or their output behavior.


Therefore our students collect important data, learn how to evaluate it and derive practical, specific implications.


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