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The weekly lecture will be accompanied by exercises, and the participants are supposed to solve these problems. Every week a certain group will be chosen to demonstrate their "official" solutions. We would, however, welcome solutions from other participants as well. Please send us your solutions in pdf format via E-mail (

Since the main point of this seminar is the discussion among the participants, we set up a discussion wiki page for each lecture and the corresponding exercises. Here, if the participants having sent us their solutions do not mind, we will make the files available for the benefit of other participants. Who then will have the possibility to read and discuss all the received solutions.

Solutions sent by Viet Duoc Trinh:


Solutions sent by Yegor Dikarev:


Solutions sent by Stepan Manko:


Solutions sent by Sándor Kelemen:


Solutions sent by Martin_Halla:


Solutions sent by Dmirty Polyakow:


Solutions sent by Oleksandr Chvartatskyi:


Solutions sent by Christian Beck:



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