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1. What am I consenting to with this declaration? 

 You are giving permission to the project „Autorenhomepages“ to make one copy and/or ongoing copies of your website and to save it in a digital repository. The mirroring will be operated by archive-it, a service by the Internet Archive.


2. Why does the project commission an external service for the harvests?

The mirroring of websites is still at an early stage. That is why we decided to work with the most experienced contractor in this field. This way, if we have technical problems we can solve them very fast, so that the quality of the archive is guaranteed.

Informations about archive-it service: http://www.archive-it.org/


4. Is „Autorenhomepages“ pursuing any economic or commercial ends by archiving and providing access to its digital archive? 

No, those responsible for “Autorenhomepages” are not pursuing any direct or indirect economic or commercial aims.


5. In giving my declaration of consent am I transferring the copyright to "Autorenhomepages"? 

No, you will continue to hold the copyright (and right of use, if applicable). The Project will only be allowed to exercise those rights which were granted to it by the declaration of consent.

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