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nein Cosmological inference (Exposé) Grandis Sebastian
ja The Crab nebula seen by H.E.S.S. and Fermi-LAT with open-source tools (Exposé)
Holler Markus and Martí-Devesa Guillem 2)
ja The Pulsar Wind Nebula MSH15-52 as seen with H.E.S.S. and Fermi-LAT
Holler Markus and Martí-Devesa Guillem
nein Accuracy of telluric corrections in infrared wavelengths, and determination of fractions and time courses in greenhouse trace gas searches (CO2, CH4, …).  (Exposé) Kimeswenger Stefan 1)
nein Modeling  the observations of Planetary Nebulae (Exposé) Kimeswenger Stefan 1)
nein ECHELLE spectra at our observatory: Technique and application to the variability of the red supergiant α Orionis (aka Betelgeuse) since the deep minimum Jan/Feb 2020 to present. (Exposé) Kimeswenger Stefan 1)
Growth of Instabilities in Shear Flows (Exposé)
Kissmann Ralf
ja Impact of a Galactic Wind on Cosmic-Ray Transport (Exposé)
Kissmann Ralf
ja Messungen der Zerfallsbreite des Higgs-Teilchens (Exposé)
Kneringer Emmerich
nein Globular clusters in ultra diffuse galaxies (Exposé)
Marleau Francine
nein Nuclear star cluster formation in dwarf galaxies (Exposé) Marleau Francine
ja Neutrinos from colliding stellar winds (Exposé)
Martí-Devesa Guillem 
ja Anisotropic inverse Compton from Cygnus X-1 (Exposé)
Martí-Devesa Guillem 
nein Argon abundances in hot stars (Exposé)
Przybilla Norbert
nein Quantitative spectal analysis of the exoplanet host star HIP99770 (Exposé) Przybilla Norbert
nein Weak gravitational lensing by galaxy clusters (Exposé) Schrabback Tim and Grandis Sebastian
nein Galaxy distribution in massive clusters (Exposé)
Schrabback Tim and Grandis Sebastian
ja Galaxy images generated with AI (Exposé)
Schrabback Tim and Grandis Sebastian
Photometric study of the Orion Nebula Cluster with data from the TESS satellite (Exposé)
Zwintz Konstanze
Young δ Scuti stars observed with the TESS satellite in long cadence and short cadence (Exposé)
Zwintz Konstanze

 1) Bemerkung: Nimmt normalerweise maximal EINE Betreuung pro Semester an.

 2) New topics could be arranged on demand 

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