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Modelling light curves of eclipsing binaries Konstanze Zwintz, Thomas Steindl
Searching for solar like oscillations in new TESS observations with the APOLLO pipeline (Exposé) Konstanze Zwintz
 New TESS observations of pulsating pre-main sequence stars and candidates (Exposé)
Konstanze Zwintz
Combining BRITE-Constellation and TESS data for variable stars (Exposé)
Konstanze Zwintz
nein Phosphorhäufigkeiten in heißen Sternen (Exposé)
Norbert Przybilla
nein Pair production from cosmic ray - photon interactions in radio galaxies (more information) Anita Reimer
nein Inelastic interactions of cosmic rays with the interstellar medium in the Milky Way (more information) Anita Reimer, Ralf Kissmann
ja High-Energy Gamma-Rays From the Omega Nebula (more information) Guillem Marti-Devesa, Olaf Reimer
nein Theory and experimental study of quark-antiquark states using open data from the ATLAS experiment at CERN (more information) Emmerich Kneringer
nein Non-linear Fermi Acceleration (more information) Ralf Kissmann
nein Growth of Instabilities in Shear Flows (more information) Ralf Kissmann
ja Cosmic-Ray Diffusion and Streaming Ralf Kissmann
nein Numerical Modelling of Galactic-Cosmic-Ray Transport with a Galactic Wind (more information) Ralf Kissmann
ja Modellierungen von Beobachtungen Planetarischer Nebel (Exposé) Stefan Kimeswenger
nein Simulating and Analysing Variable Gamma-Ray Sources with Open-Source Tools (more information) Sebastian Panny & Markus Holler
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