Ticket System


Contact in case of IT-Problems
0512) 507-23999  Service-Hotline; Email:
(0512) 507-23555  Helpdesk eCampus (OLAT); Email:
Questions concerning VIS:online:
Questions concerning LFU:online (Student portal): Support LFU:online 


Filing Applications 
Application for Access to ZID-Services for Employees: Information (in german) 
Online Applications: e.g. Linux-Access
Questions concerning User Accounts: 

Other Contacts
(0512) 507-23003  Secretary; Email: 
(0512) 507-23444  Telephone administration; Email:

Allocation of IP-adresses, DHCP etc.: 
(See also: Anschluss von Instituts-PCs an das INNET)

User Support (Benutzerservice)
(0512) 507-23150  User Support Innrain;
(0512) 507-23160  User Support SOWI;

Technical Support for devices in lecture rooms
(0512) 507-23999  Hotline

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