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We strongly recommend that you learn all the subjects relevant to the overall exam Business Law. All candidates are expected to have a good command of the technical terminology in both the main and subsidiary subjects.

For example, a candidate should understand and be able to explain that the incorporation of a one-person GmbH requires the "declaration of the establishment of a limited liability company", while a stakeholder agreement (also known as the articles of association) must be concluded when two or more founders are involved.

The use of an uncommented and unannotated version of specific legislation as an aid is permitted for the diploma, specialist or final examination. However, you should have a full understanding of where to look for specific information. Annotated legislation may not be used. The legal aids are checked and, if necessary, confiscated. Replacements will not be provided for confiscated aids. Additional actions beyond the examination can be taken for students who use unauthorized aids. Further information can be found here.

Due to its technical link with civil law, a basic understanding of civil law is also required for the successful completion of the diploma examination, specialised examination or final examination in commercial law, corporate law, capital markets law or business law.

Bring your student ID with you to the examination and be prepared to present it upon request to prove your identity if necessary.

Provided there is sufficient space, the oral examinations are open to the public.

Due to the current situation (COVID-19), exams will only take place online. Interested listeners are kindly requested to contact Mr. Matthias Baumgartner

Otherwise, the usual terms of examination apply. The examiner may provide for further examination modalities.

Link to the REWI-examination department

Exam resources

Link to the examination material for all examiners of law and WR diploma studies.

Link to the examination material for all examiners of WR Bachelor.

The Schopper/Schwaighofer sricpt "Gesellschaftsrecht" is considered to be the material for the module "Introduction to Corporate Law" and is not sufficient for the overall exam Business Law (C 033 500).

Exam registration and de-registration

You can register and de-register online via LFU online.

Candidates’ Exam Schedule

Candidates’ exam schedule

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