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Marketing, retailing and branding travel through exciting times. Technologically enabled changes (like e-commerce, social media or loyalty programs), socio-demographic shifts (like aging, migration or rural exodus), economic circumstances (like the rise of globally dominating digital companies or less predictable competitive sets) or cultural movements (like the importance of local value creation, the expectations towards corporations’ behaviors, or what signals status) all impact why people seek, maintain or terminate relationships with organizations and their brands. 

 We aim to prepare our students to turn into managers that are able to deal with these changes 

  • with a strategic mindset (long-term outlook based on an organization’s unique set of capabilities and built on an attractive organizational culture)
  • with a commitment to economic, social, and ecological sustainability
  • with a set of capabilities that allow their future employers (or own startups) to exceed in creating mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders.

Towards this end we need your support to expose our students to organizational challenges already throughout their formation and allow them to tackle these challenges under low-risk circumstances. Below is a set of options how we can collaborate:

  1. Student class projects: Each term we ask our students in a number of classes to deal with a challenge set out by organizations. Their contribution can range from extensive research on market developments, customer expectations or brand equity to the creation of specific communication campaigns, positioning ideas or retail environments.
  2. Thesis: More focused questions can be tackled by a student individually and serve as the empirical part of her master, bachelor or magister thesis. 
  3. Be part of a class session: Present your organization or your brand to our students. Challenge them with tasks that can be solved in class and leave with a set of new, creative or bold ideas.
  4. Student trip: Invite a group of students to visit your company, let them experience your organizational culture from close-up and allow some of your assumptions to be challenged by curious student enquiries.

All of the above not only help you position your organization as an attractive destination for our graduates but may be used to get to know potential candidates before they are hired elsewhere.

e. Expert input: If you feel that scientific knowledge may be helpful in addressing a current issue in your organization, get in touch. We can point out relevant literature, establish contact with another organization facing similar challenges or recommend an expert in the field. Maybe a short discussion with us helps to adopt a new perspective.

Feel free to get in touch - by phone (+43 512 507 72500) or by mail

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