Im folgenden finden Sie eine Auflistung unserer Forschungsarbeiten und -ergebnisse, Publikationen und Präsentationen.

Below you find a list of our research result, including journal publications, book chapters, and conference presentations.



  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart, Kurt Promberger and Philipp Wegerer (2017), Drivers of Brand Resonance (DBR): A practical Tool for Initiating Place Brand-Stakeholder Relationships, Proceedings of the 4th Corfu Symposium On Managing & Marketing Places, Corfu, Greece. 
  • Botschen Günther, Koll Oliver and Nigg Christina (2017), Transcending “Products” Into Brandgestalt - An Extended Customer Journey Perspective, Proceedings of the 19th European Association for Education and in Commercial Distribution (EAERCD),Dublin, UK.

  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart and Kurt Promberger (2017), Brand driven service innovation: a conceptual framework, paper accepted for presentation at the Global Conference on Services Management, Volterra, Italy.

  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart, Oliver Koll and Kurt Promberger (2017), Translating Organisational Brand Meanings Into Resonating Touch-Point Experiences, paper accepted for presentation at the 3rd International Colloquium on Corporate Branding, Identity, Image and Reputation (COBIIR2017), London, United Kingdom.

  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart and Kurt Promberger (2017), Brand-driven Identity Development of Places, Journal of Place Management and Development, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp. 152 – 172.

  • Botschen Günther and Philipp Wegerer (2017), Brand-Driven Retail Format Innovation: A Conceptual Framework, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, Vol. 45, Issue 7/8.


  • Botschen Günther and Philipp Wegerer (2016), Drivers of Brand Resonance (DBR): A practical Tool for Governing Enduring Brand- Stakeholder Relationships, Proceedings of 11th Colloquium On Organizational Change & Development, Change Management: Change Agents, Vienna, Austria

  • Botschen Günther, Felix Piazolo and Max Reitmeir (2016), Brand-driven Retail Format Design, Proceedings of the Colloquium on European Research in Retailing, Toulouse, France.

  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart and Kurt Promberger (2016), Brand-driven Identity Development and Design of Places, Proceedings of the 3rd Corfu Symposium on Managing and Marketing of Places, Corfu.

  • Botschen Günther (2016), Marke aus Leidenschaft, Proceedings CD-ROM, Tiroler Handelsforum, Innsbruck.

  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart, Oliver Koll and Kurt Promberger (2016), Brand-oriented Touch-Point Design, Proceedings of the 15th International Marketing Trends Conference, Venice.


  • Botschen Günther (2015), Von der funktionierenden Landesverwaltung zur erfolgreichen Marke, .pptx. Präsentation, Südtiroler Landesverwaltung, Bozen.

  • Botschen Günther, Krischan Florian and Heizer Judith (2015), Brand-Driven Leadership – Content, Didactics and Format of an Interdisciplinary Bachelor Programme to Develop Meanings and Skills of Leadership, Abstract accepted for  BECOMING A LEADER – A Matter of Education, An International Research and Education Conference on Bachelor Programs in Leadership, Whether Leading can be Learnt, and Leadership as a Profession, Bodo, Norway.

  • Botschen Günther (2015), Vom guten Produkt zur starken Marke,  .pptx. Präsentation, Lange Nacht der Betriebe, Lana.

  • Botschen Günther (2015), Von den Bremsen der Veredelung - Sieben Einsichten & eine Formel, Proceedings CD-rom,  Tiroler Handelsforum, Innsbruck.


  • Botschen Günther, Combe Ian, Krischan Florian and Thelen Eva (2014), „Creating your Family Firm Brand‘s Future - Composing and Engaging Socio-cultural Meaning Systems“. Abstract accepted for the 10th Workshop on Family Firm Management Research, May 23-24 2014, Bergamo, Italy.

  • Botschen Günther (2014), „Marken mit allen Sinnen erleben”. Proceedings CD-rom of the Tiroler Handelsforum 2014, March 12, Innsbruck. 

  • Botschen Günther (2014), 7 Thesen zur Profilierung von Händlern und Markenartiklern, Retail Lab Partner Treffen 2013 , .pptx. Präsentation, Volders.

  • Botschen Günther, Bernhard Josef and Promberger Kurt (2014), Brand-driven Identity Development of Urban and Rural Territories - A Normative Interdisciplinary Leadership Approach, Euro Mediterranean Dialogue on Public Management, MED 7, Università di Roma Vergata – Italy.

  • Botschen Günther (2014), Leistung aus Leidenschaft, Retail Lab Partner Treffen 2014 , .pptx. Präsentation, Hall in Tirol.


  • Botschen Günther, Combe Ian and Thelen Eva (2013), „Translating Organisational Brand Identities into resonating Customer Experiences“. Paper accepted for the 13th International Marketing Trends Conference, January 25th-26th 2014, Venice.

  • Botschen Günther, Combe Ian, Thelen Eva and Tolchinsky Paul(2013), „Translating Abstract Meanings into resonating Customer Experiences”. Paper accepted for the 8th Colloquium on Organisational Change and Development, September 12th-13th 2013, Ghent.


  • Botschen Günther and Theken Eva (2012), "Internationale Beschaffung". In: Handbuch Handel, 2. Auflage. Herausgeber: Joachim Zentes, Bernhard Swoboda, Dirk Morschett, Hanna Schramm-Klein (eds.), Wiesbaden, Springer, 747-766.

  • Botschen Günther, Ian Combe and Eva Thelen (2012),"Brand-Driven Leadership for Change Management in Retailing", European Retail Research, Vol. 26(2), 1-18.

  • Botschen Günther und Eva Thelen (2012), „Developing the Strategic Brand Identity of Retail Organizations“, Proceedings of the 19th International EIRASS-Conference on Recent Advances in Retailing and Consumer Services, Vienna 2012.

  • Botschen Günther (2012): Drivers of Brand Resonance - Developing the Strategic Brand Identity of Organisations. 11th International Marketing Trends Conference; Venice 2012.

  • Botschen, Günther (2012): „Translating Brand Identities into Concrete Customer Experiences and Corresponding Employees Behaviour“; 7th Workshop on Organisational Change and Development; September 2012; Spain.


  • Botschen Günther (2011), “Brand-driven Strategic Renewal - Using Brand Identityas a Vehicle for Change”; Proceedings of 6th Workshop on Organisational Changeand Development: Advances, Challenges & Contradictions; Valetta 2011, Malta.

  • Botschen Günther and Thelen Eva (2011), Developing the Strategic Brand Identity ofOrganizations. Proceedings of 16th EAERCD, Conference of European Associationfor Education and Research in the Commercial Distribution; Parma 2011, Italy.

  • Botschen Günther (2011), Advances, Challenges & Contradictions. 6th Workshopon Organisational Change and Development; Proceedings, Malta 2011.

  • Botschen Günther, Oliver Koll and Ian Combe (2011), „The Attraction of Aesthetic Store Atmospherics“,1st International Colloquium on Global Design and Marketing, 8th and 9th December 2011, University of Lincoln.


  • Botschen Günther and Eva Thelen (2010), Behavioral and Attitudinal Loyalty to RetailBrands: The Role of Attachment Styles. In: EIRASS, Istanbul, Turkey. Book of Abstracts. Eigenverlag.

  • Botschen Günther (2010), A Phase Model for Brand-driven Renewal. In: 5th Workshopon Organizational Change and Development. Vienna, Austria, September 23-24, 2010. Wien: Eigenverlag.

  • Auer-Srnka Katharina, Grohs, Reinhard and Thelen, Eva (2010), Relationships betweenOrientation, Convenience, Atmosphere, Shopping Value and Behaviour: Conceptual Model and Empirical Evidence. In: Beckmann, Suzanne C.; Ringberg,Torsten; Ritter, Thomas: 39th EMAC Conference. The Six Senses – The Essentialsof Marketing, Copenhagen, 1-4 June 2010. Conference Proceedings. Eigenverlag,ISBN 978-87-92569-01-1.

  • Botschen Günther and Kittinger-Rosanelli Christine (2010), Markenorientierter Wandelin Organisationen. In: Change Leadership – den Wandel antizipieren und aktiv gestalten,Harald Pechlaner, Margit Raich, Silvia Schön, Kurt Matzler (eds.), Wiesbaden,Gabler, 1st Edition, 368-396.

  • Thelen, Eva; Botschen, Günther (2010): „Behavioral and attitudinal Loyalty – the role of attachment styles“; Handelsforschung Berlin 2010, Deutschland.

  • Botschen, Günther (2010): “Brand-driven renewal”; 5th Workshop on Organisational Change and Development: Core Competencies in a Changing World; 23.-24.09.2010, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria.


  • Botschen Günther and Hemetsberger Andrea (2009): Aesthetics-driven RetailerBranding. In: Proceedings of the 15th Conference of the European Association forEducation and Research in Commercial Distribution. Eigenverlag

  • Kittinger-Rosanelli Christine and Botschen Günther (2009): Brand Driven Change: Anin-depth-case study based on Giddens Structuration Theory. In: Conference Proceedingsof the 5th Thought Leaders International Conference on Brand Management.Eigenverlag.


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  • Botschen Günther (2008), “Markenorientierter Wandel im Handel”: Handelsforschung 2008, 27.-29.11.2008, Wien, Österreich.

  • Theken Eva (2008), „Kundenreaktionen auf negatives Verhalten von Händlermarken - Spielt die Bindungsorientierung eine Rolle“; Handelsforschung 2008, 27.- 29.11.2008, Wien, Österreich.


  • Botschen Günther and Eva Thelen (2007), Focus of Brand Attachment: What customerslove and would miss about their retail brand – Does attachment style matter?.In: Best Papers Proceedings of the 9th International Forum on The Sciences, Techniquesand Art Applied to Marketing. Academy and Profession, eds. OrtegaEnrique, Ladislao González and Enrique Pérez del Campo, S. 39-58.

  • Botschen Günther (2007), Sagen Sie niemals Leberkäse zu ihm, es ist ein Neuburger!In: Absatzwirtschaft – Zeitschrift für Marketing, 12/2007, S. 40-43.

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