Im folgenden finden Sie eine Auflistung unserer Forschungsarbeiten und -ergebnisse, Publikationen und Präsentationen.

Below you find a list of our research result, including a selection of journal publications, book chapters, and conference presentations.



  • Botschen Günther and Hans Mühlbacher (2019), Identity driven Design of Resonating Touchpoint-Experiences, Proceedings of the 10th International Research Meeting in Business and Management, Nice, France.
  • Botschen, Günther, Josef Bernhardt, Ian Combe, Andrea Hemetsberger and Kurt Promberger (2019), The Flexible Retailer Brand - Aesthetically Folding Physical And Social Environments, Proceedings of the 20th EAERCD Conference: Retailing Challenges for the 20’s, Zaragoza. Spain.
  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart, Kurt Promberger (2019), Drivers of Brand Resonance (DBR) – Identifying and Developing Unique Organisational Brand Identities, Proceedings of the 4th BEE Conference – Business & Entrepreneurial Economics, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  • Botschen, Günther, Ian Combe, Andrea Hemetsberger (2019), Developing ‘The Flexible Corporate Retail Brand’ through Adaptive Aesthetics and Attractive Physical Environments, Proceedings of the 18th International Marketing Trends Conference, Venice.
  • Botschen, Günther and Christine Kittinger (2019), The Future of Retailing, Retail Lab Partner Treffen 2019, pptx. Presentation, Innsbruck.
  • Botschen Günther (2019), Markenresonanz – vom Schein zum Sein, Tiroler Handelsforum 2019, pptx. Presentation, Igls bei Innsbruck, Austria.


  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart, Kurt Promberger (2018), Drivers of Brand Resonance (DBR) – Identifying and Developing Organisational Brand Identities, Book of Abstracts of the 25th Recent Advances in Retailing & Services Conferences (EIRASS), Soora Rasouli and Harry Timmermans (eds.), Madeira Island, Portugal, p. 13.
  • Botschen Günther, Andreas Hermann, Josef Bernhardt, Oliver Koll and Kurt Promberger (2018), Stimulating Employees’ Intrinsic Touch Point Engagement to Strengthen Organisational Brand Resonance, Extended Abstract, Proceedings of the 14th International Colloquium on Corporate Branding, Identity, Image and Reputation, Theme: Technology, brand and people: branding, identity, image and reputation in the emerging technology-mediated world, Grand Hotel San Michele, Calabria, Italy.
  • Bichler Bernhard, Guenther Botschen, Mike Peters, Birgit Pikkemaat (2018), The Role of Attention: An Empirical Study of Service Processes in the Gastronomy Sector, Extended Abstract in Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Tourism Management & Related Issues, Prague, Czech Republic.


  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart, Kurt Promberger and Philipp Wegerer (2017), Drivers of Brand Resonance (DBR): A practical Tool for Initiating Place Brand-Stakeholder Relationships, Proceedings of the 4th Corfu Symposium On Managing & Marketing Places, Corfu, Greece. 
  • Botschen Günther, Koll Oliver and Nigg Christina (2017), Transcending “Products” Into Brandgestalt - An Extended Customer Journey Perspective, Proceedings of the 19th European Association for Education and in Commercial Distribution (EAERCD),Dublin, UK.

  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart and Kurt Promberger (2017), Brand driven service innovation: a conceptual framework, paper accepted for presentation at the Global Conference on Services Management, Volterra, Italy.

  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart, Oliver Koll and Kurt Promberger (2017), Translating Organisational Brand Meanings Into Resonating Touch-Point Experiences, paper accepted for presentation at the 3rd International Colloquium on Corporate Branding, Identity, Image and Reputation (COBIIR2017), London, United Kingdom.

  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart and Kurt Promberger (2017), Brand-driven Identity Development of Places, Journal of Place Management and Development, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp. 152 – 172.

  • Botschen Günther and Philipp Wegerer (2017), Brand-Driven Retail Format Innovation: A Conceptual Framework, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, Vol. 45, Issue 7/8.


  • Botschen Günther and Philipp Wegerer (2016), Drivers of Brand Resonance (DBR): A practical Tool for Governing Enduring Brand- Stakeholder Relationships, Proceedings of 11th Colloquium On Organizational Change & Development, Change Management: Change Agents, Vienna, Austria

  • Botschen Günther, Felix Piazolo and Max Reitmeir (2016), Brand-driven Retail Format Design, Proceedings of the Colloquium on European Research in Retailing, Toulouse, France.

  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart and Kurt Promberger (2016), Brand-driven Identity Development and Design of Places, Proceedings of the 3rd Corfu Symposium on Managing and Marketing of Places, Corfu.

  • Botschen Günther (2016), Marke aus Leidenschaft, Proceedings CD-ROM, Tiroler Handelsforum, Innsbruck.

  • Botschen Günther, Josef Bernhart, Oliver Koll and Kurt Promberger (2016), Brand-oriented Touch-Point Design, Proceedings of the 15th International Marketing Trends Conference, Venice.


  • Botschen Günther (2015), Von der funktionierenden Landesverwaltung zur erfolgreichen Marke, .pptx. Präsentation, Südtiroler Landesverwaltung, Bozen.

  • Botschen Günther, Krischan Florian and Heizer Judith (2015), Brand-Driven Leadership – Content, Didactics and Format of an Interdisciplinary Bachelor Programme to Develop Meanings and Skills of Leadership, Abstract accepted for  BECOMING A LEADER – A Matter of Education, An International Research and Education Conference on Bachelor Programs in Leadership, Whether Leading can be Learnt, and Leadership as a Profession, Bodo, Norway.

  • Botschen Günther (2015), Vom guten Produkt zur starken Marke,  .pptx. Präsentation, Lange Nacht der Betriebe, Lana.

  • Botschen Günther (2015), Von den Bremsen der Veredelung - Sieben Einsichten & eine Formel, Proceedings CD-rom,  Tiroler Handelsforum, Innsbruck.


  • Botschen Günther, Combe Ian, Krischan Florian and Thelen Eva (2014), „Creating your Family Firm Brand‘s Future - Composing and Engaging Socio-cultural Meaning Systems“. Abstract accepted for the 10th Workshop on Family Firm Management Research, May 23-24 2014, Bergamo, Italy.

  • Botschen Günther (2014), „Marken mit allen Sinnen erleben”. Proceedings CD-rom of the Tiroler Handelsforum 2014, March 12, Innsbruck. 

  • Botschen Günther (2014), 7 Thesen zur Profilierung von Händlern und Markenartiklern, Retail Lab Partner Treffen 2013 , .pptx. Präsentation, Volders.

  • Botschen Günther, Bernhard Josef and Promberger Kurt (2014), Brand-driven Identity Development of Urban and Rural Territories - A Normative Interdisciplinary Leadership Approach, Euro Mediterranean Dialogue on Public Management, MED 7, Università di Roma Vergata – Italy.

  • Botschen Günther (2014), Leistung aus Leidenschaft, Retail Lab Partner Treffen 2014 , .pptx. Präsentation, Hall in Tirol.


  • Botschen Günther, Combe Ian and Thelen Eva (2013), „Translating Organisational Brand Identities into resonating Customer Experiences“. Paper accepted for the 13th International Marketing Trends Conference, January 25th-26th 2014, Venice.

  • Botschen Günther, Combe Ian, Thelen Eva and Tolchinsky Paul(2013), „Translating Abstract Meanings into resonating Customer Experiences”. Paper accepted for the 8th Colloquium on Organisational Change and Development, September 12th-13th 2013, Ghent.


  • Botschen Günther and Theken Eva (2012), "Internationale Beschaffung". In: Handbuch Handel, 2. Auflage. Herausgeber: Joachim Zentes, Bernhard Swoboda, Dirk Morschett, Hanna Schramm-Klein (eds.), Wiesbaden, Springer, 747-766.

  • Botschen Günther, Ian Combe and Eva Thelen (2012),"Brand-Driven Leadership for Change Management in Retailing", European Retail Research, Vol. 26(2), 1-18.

  • Botschen Günther und Eva Thelen (2012), „Developing the Strategic Brand Identity of Retail Organizations“, Proceedings of the 19th International EIRASS-Conference on Recent Advances in Retailing and Consumer Services, Vienna 2012.

  • Botschen Günther (2012): Drivers of Brand Resonance - Developing the Strategic Brand Identity of Organisations. 11th International Marketing Trends Conference; Venice 2012.

  • Botschen, Günther (2012): „Translating Brand Identities into Concrete Customer Experiences and Corresponding Employees Behaviour“; 7th Workshop on Organisational Change and Development; September 2012; Spain.


  • Botschen Günther (2011), “Brand-driven Strategic Renewal - Using Brand Identityas a Vehicle for Change”; Proceedings of 6th Workshop on Organisational Changeand Development: Advances, Challenges & Contradictions; Valetta 2011, Malta.

  • Botschen Günther and Thelen Eva (2011), Developing the Strategic Brand Identity ofOrganizations. Proceedings of 16th EAERCD, Conference of European Associationfor Education and Research in the Commercial Distribution; Parma 2011, Italy.

  • Botschen Günther (2011), Advances, Challenges & Contradictions. 6th Workshopon Organisational Change and Development; Proceedings, Malta 2011.

  • Botschen Günther, Oliver Koll and Ian Combe (2011), „The Attraction of Aesthetic Store Atmospherics“,1st International Colloquium on Global Design and Marketing, 8th and 9th December 2011, University of Lincoln.


  • Botschen Günther and Eva Thelen (2010), Behavioral and Attitudinal Loyalty to RetailBrands: The Role of Attachment Styles. In: EIRASS, Istanbul, Turkey. Book of Abstracts. Eigenverlag.

  • Botschen Günther (2010), A Phase Model for Brand-driven Renewal. In: 5th Workshopon Organizational Change and Development. Vienna, Austria, September 23-24, 2010. Wien: Eigenverlag.

  • Auer-Srnka Katharina, Grohs, Reinhard and Thelen, Eva (2010), Relationships betweenOrientation, Convenience, Atmosphere, Shopping Value and Behaviour: Conceptual Model and Empirical Evidence. In: Beckmann, Suzanne C.; Ringberg,Torsten; Ritter, Thomas: 39th EMAC Conference. The Six Senses – The Essentialsof Marketing, Copenhagen, 1-4 June 2010. Conference Proceedings. Eigenverlag,ISBN 978-87-92569-01-1.

  • Botschen Günther and Kittinger-Rosanelli Christine (2010), Markenorientierter Wandelin Organisationen. In: Change Leadership – den Wandel antizipieren und aktiv gestalten,Harald Pechlaner, Margit Raich, Silvia Schön, Kurt Matzler (eds.), Wiesbaden,Gabler, 1st Edition, 368-396.

  • Thelen, Eva; Botschen, Günther (2010): „Behavioral and attitudinal Loyalty – the role of attachment styles“; Handelsforschung Berlin 2010, Deutschland.

  • Botschen, Günther (2010): “Brand-driven renewal”; 5th Workshop on Organisational Change and Development: Core Competencies in a Changing World; 23.-24.09.2010, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria.


  • Botschen Günther and Hemetsberger Andrea (2009): Aesthetics-driven RetailerBranding. In: Proceedings of the 15th Conference of the European Association forEducation and Research in Commercial Distribution. Eigenverlag

  • Kittinger-Rosanelli Christine and Botschen Günther (2009): Brand Driven Change: Anin-depth-case study based on Giddens Structuration Theory. In: Conference Proceedingsof the 5th Thought Leaders International Conference on Brand Management.Eigenverlag.


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  • Theken Eva (2008), „Kundenreaktionen auf negatives Verhalten von Händlermarken - Spielt die Bindungsorientierung eine Rolle“; Handelsforschung 2008, 27.- 29.11.2008, Wien, Österreich.


  • Botschen Günther and Eva Thelen (2007), Focus of Brand Attachment: What customerslove and would miss about their retail brand – Does attachment style matter?.In: Best Papers Proceedings of the 9th International Forum on The Sciences, Techniquesand Art Applied to Marketing. Academy and Profession, eds. OrtegaEnrique, Ladislao González and Enrique Pérez del Campo, S. 39-58.

  • Botschen Günther (2007), Sagen Sie niemals Leberkäse zu ihm, es ist ein Neuburger!In: Absatzwirtschaft – Zeitschrift für Marketing, 12/2007, S. 40-43.

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