Study Programs

Bachelor: Management and Economics

6 Semester full-time Bachelor Program in Management and Economics: The Faculty of Business and Management Bachelor Program is tailored to students interested in business/management and economics with a very good proficiency in German language. We offer comprehensive Marketing education in the Bachelor Program. Courses cover general marketing, retailing, and marketing specializations. More...

Diploma: International Economic and Business Studies (IWW):

A four year international study program for students who seek a truly international experience by studying three years at Innsbruck and another year abroad. For more information click here.

If you are interested in writing a diploma thesis, you can find a topic via three avenues:

  1. Please get in touch with a member of our team if you feel that her or his research agenda appear interesting. If you show enthusiasm for a topic in someone’s research field, it is likely that there is a match. Please examine the CVs/profiles of our team members.
  2. This   link contains a list of topics and is updated every six months. If you feel passionate about one of the topics (remember: this is what you will be working on for about six months) contact the supervisor. Some of the topics have a more conceptual focus, others will offer an opportunity to write a thesis on a specific business issue of a company.  
  3. Finally, if you are in contact with an organization that is interested to sponsor your thesis, please contact Oliver Koll (oliver.koll@uibk.ac.at). We will examine whether the challenge is suitable for a diploma thesis. Please also inform the company that we expect a contribution of 2000 Euro. This is not a payment that benefits the supervisor of the thesis but supports the research activities of our team. 

Master: Strategic Management

Earn a Master of Strategic Management and become a specialist in branding and marketing too! We offer a 4 semester, full time master program with a specialization in (multi-cultural) branding. We cover topics such as brand culture, international branding, online marketing, management research. Click here for more information on the program and here for answers to some FAQs.

Ph.D.: Management

Make research your profession. Earn a Ph.D. degree. Our department offers a challenging internationally-oriented doctoral program for those who are interested in academic research and a university career. More...

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