Vitali Razumov


Present position:

PhD student

Research area:

  Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics  



+43 (0)512 507-51701


Academic history

ongoing PhD student at Research Department for Limnology, Mondsee, Universität Innsbruck

2022 Technical assistant, FG Küpper, Max-Planck Institut für Ornithologie, Seewiesen, Germany

2020–2022 MSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Helsinki, Finland

2020–2021 Exchange in Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

2016–2020 BSc in Biology, University of Helsinki, Finland

Master’s thesis:

Selection and gene flow in a stable hybrid zone. LMU München, FG Ricardo Pereira

Bachelor’s thesis:

Europe’s glacial refugia and their effects on species distribution and diversification.


Research interests

My greatest interests are phylogeorgraphy, population genetics, and speciation, particularly from the perspectives of Pleistocene and environmental history. For me it is most exiting to see how the same forces that shaped the flora and fauna in the past still act today, and how we can use this data to predict and try to slow down the human caused desolation of biodiversity. I see enormous potential in applying the constantly developing genetic methods in conservation biology, and want to promote their use in my part. So far, I have approached these themes from the perspective of hybridization when investigating a hybrid zone of the meadow grasshopper (Pseudochorthippus parallelus) in the Pyrenees during my Master’s thesis. Now I continue along the same line as a doctoral researcher studying the eco-evolutionary dynamics of the Daphnia longispina -complex in peri-Alpine lakes.

I’m at my best when doing hands-on and field work, both thanks to the many learning opportunities I’ve been given during my studies and my natural enthusiasm for physical work. When not on the field, I greatly enjoy the challenges in front of the screen brought on by bioinformatics and evolutionary theory. These are also the skills I strive to polish to perfection, of course not forgetting about the lab work.

Beside doing science itself, human equality, social justice, and workers rights play a key role for me both in- and outside of work. I see no value in doing science on the expense of these. That is why I try to play my part in renewing the academia and scientific community, who’s problems have long been overlooked in public discourse.

Other experience

2018 Head of University of Helsinki biology student association, Symbioosi ry





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