Research Infrastructure

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The infrastructure at the Research Department for Limnology, Mondsee, offers comprehensive basic equipment for limnological and evolutionary-biological issues. Two cars, two research vessels and one motor barge are available for field research. The setting for field sampling contains water samplers, plankton nets with various mesh sizes, two multi probes, sediment traps, multi mesh gill nets and one beach seine, two purse seines, one scientific echo sounder etc. The research building provides five walk-in climate chambers and two fish holding facilities (aquarium rooms) for the breeding and cultivation of sensitive species (e.g. Coregonid fishes) with different requirements. The lab facilities are also equipped with modern lab infrastructure for staff, guests researchers and students.

Field work

Research vessel „Wilhelm Kühnelt“

Research vessel „Luna“

Motor barge with outboard engine

Plankton nets

Water sampler

Multi probes (YSI 660 und YSI 6920)

Gill nets (various mesh sizes, multi mesh gill nets)

Net cage (diameter 4m, depth 7m)

Beach seine

Purse seines

Push net adapted for research vessel „Luna“

Scientific echo sounder SIMRAD

ARIS Sound Metrics imaging sonar

sediment corers

boat winches

Lab work

Microscopes (inverted microskopes, epifluorescence microscopes)

Image analysis technique


PCR and quantitative PCR, gel documentation



Ion chromatography

Mass spectrometry

Pipetting robot


Freezers (-80°C to -18°C)


Special infrastructure in the building

Aquaria room 1 with lake water supply und water recirculation system–freshwater

Aquaria room 2 -tempered resp. warm water

5 walk-in climate chambers

Separate molecular biology lab  


Guestrooms for 12 students and 2 guest researchers, with sanitary facilities and common kitchenette

Specialised library with reading area

PV system (Institute building, boathouse)

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