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Photo gallery of the 4th FBFW meeting in Mondsee, Upper Austria

Final program

Book of abstracts 

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For the fourth time, the FBFW initiative addresses young researchers in fishlimnology (MSc and PhD students as well as Post-docs) to present their finalized research as well as future ideas or perspectives and to join a scientific but cheerful community of young scientists in limnology.

The FBFW15 meeting will offer you the possibility to present and discuss your ongoing or finalized research in the form of an oral presentation or a poster. It will provide a platform for the discussion of scientific issues and give you the chance to establish social networks within the field of limnology. You will have the opportunity to learn about national and international research facilities and prepare yourself for future scientific life during workshops/excursions. The invited keynote speakers as well as society representatives will give you an overview about post-study employment in science and applied research professions.

We hope that FBFW15 will help you to gain new insights, share ideas and establish contacts within the very diverse and exciting field of freshwater ecology.

FBFW15 Committee


Chairs for oral presentations will be chosen spontaneously before the start of the meeting. Anyone who would like to participate can announce it at the registration desk.

Scientific & local committee

Fabian Drewes, Institute of Ecology, University of Innsbruck
Elisabeth Holzweber, Research Institute for Limnology in Mondsee, University of Innsbruck
Victoria Kremser, Research Institute for Limnology in Mondsee, University of Innsbruck
Laurent Moya, Institute of Ecology, University of Innsbruck
Georg Niedrist, Institute of Ecology, University of Innsbruck
Maria Payr, Research Institute for Limnology in Mondsee, University of Innsbruck
Hannes Peter, Institute of Ecology, University of Innsbruck
Carina Rofner, Institute of Ecology, University of Innsbruck
Birgit Stenzel, Institute of Ecology, University of Innsbruck
Klemens Weisleitner, Institute of Ecology, University of Innsbruck

General Information

Congress Venue

Research Institute for Limnology in Mondsee, University of Innsbruck
Mondseestraße 9 - 5310 Mondsee, Austria
Phone: +43 (0)512 507 50201
E-Mail: fbfw(at)gmx.at

Registration & Badges

The registration desk will be open as follows:
Tuesday late afternoon for participants who arrive earlier 16:00-19:00
Wednesday morning before the start of the meeting 8:30-11:00
Name badges will be available for all participants at the registration desk.


During the coffee breaks we will serve coffee, tea, soft drinks, and small snacks/cakes. Wednesday’s lunch and dinner is served at the Institute in form of a buffet and is prepared by the FW Ried (technical school with a focus on cooking). At the first poster session beer and wine as well as non-alcoholic drinks will be available. Thursday’s lunch is not included in the registration fee, but food will be available in the shops/restaurants nearby. On Thursday night we will have a nice dinner in a noble castle.

Liability and Insurance

The organizers will not take responsibility for injuries or accidents happening during the meeting. Please consider to take appropriate travel and health insurance.


Are there remaining questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us via mail fbfw(at)gmx.at or join the facebook group “FBFW - Fresh Blood for Fresh Water 2015”.

Destination Mondsee

Mondsee (493m a.s.l., 3406 inhabitants) is a town in the Vöcklabruck district in the Austrian state of Upper Austria located on the shore of Lake Mondsee. The lakes southwestern shore marks the border between the states of Upper Austria and Salzburg, and also between the Northern Limestone Alps in the South and the Sandstone zone of the Northern Alps. The Drachenwand (Dragonwall) at the southern shore of the lake is an impressive sight. Mondsee is one of Austria's last privately owned lakes.

The lakes name, Moon Lake, originates from a myth in which Duke Herzog Odilo of Bavaria fell from the cliffs of the Dragonwall. One night he was riding towards the back of the Dragonwall and shortly before he fell, he recognized that it was the moon’s reflection in the lake.

Actually, the name derives from an aristocratic family but that is another story…


We have negotiated inexpensive housing in the nearby “Jugendgästehaus” of Mondsee (€ 23 per night incl. breakfast) or you choose any other accommodation that suits you. However, please book the accommodation on your own!

Jugendgästehaus Mondsee
Krankenhausstraße 9
5310 Mondsee
Tel.: +43-6232-2418
Fax: +43-6232-2418-75

How to arrive

Mondsee can be reached by car or public transport (train and bus). If traveling by car use the Highway A1 when coming from Vienna or Salzburg and exit at “Mondsee”. Public transport can be arranged at http://www.oebb.at/en/index.jsp, also when coming from the airport.

Arrival by train

Use the Austrian Federal Railway (OEBB) system to arrive to Salzburg Hauptbahnhof. Take a short walk to Salzburg Hbf Südtiroler Platz and get on the bus 140 direction Mondsee Busterminal (Franz-Kreutzberger-Straße). The bus takes app. 50 minutes.

Arrival by airplane

Fly to Salzburg airport and take the O-bus 2 direction Salzburg Obergnigl and change busses at Salzburg Hbf Südtiroler Platz. From there you get on the bus 140 direction Mondsee Busterminal (Franz-Kreutzberger-Straße).

Or you take the O-bus 10 direction Salzburg Lankessiedlung and change to Salzburg Gnigl S-Bahn (Schwabenwirtsbrücke). Then again change to bus 140 direction Mondsee Busterminal (Franz-Kreutzberger-Straße).

Important Issues and Events

Social Events

Dinner on Tuesday 14th April 2015, 19:00
For early participants we will arrange a common dinner in Mondsee which is not included in the registration fee.

Science Slam on Wednesday 15th April 2015, 19:00
After the poster session with buffet and beer, there will be the possibility to perform on stage and show your passion for research. In the form of a poetry-rap-speech you are welcome to entertain the audience and explain your research with hand & feet or extraordinary objects! Or you present your favorite research in any other creative way. The stage is yours! There are fantastic prizes for all slammers!

Fancy Dinner on Thursday 16th April 2015, 19:00
The dinner will be held in the scenic castle of Mondsee and is included in the registration fee. The gourmet restaurant will serve us local and delicious dishes in form of a three-course buffet leaving no wish unfulfilled. After a fantastic dinner, we can walk to a bar and deepen our scientific or private conversations.

Workshops and Excursion

There are no talks scheduled on Thursday afternoon, so you can participate in some of the following workshops:

  • Phytoplankton analysis using FlowCAM
  • visit of the fish farm at the Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Fisheries and Lake Research, Scharfling
  • life-work balance
  • short introduction to R
  • overview of grants (national and international) and application writing

For more information, please ask the registration desk at FBFW15.

Registration & Fees

We ask you for a registration fee (payable by bank transfer) of € 75,- covering the meeting program, food during the meeting including dinners on Wednesday and Thursday and social events. Please state your name and the acronym FBFW2015 in the purpose of use field of the payment form.

Name: SIL Austria, Fresh Blood
Bank: Raiffeisenbank Eisenwurzen
IBAN: AT28 3293 9000 0061 6557

SIL Austria Logo

Information for presenters

The official meeting language is English and we especially invite international participants to come and share ideas, knowledge and fun! All presenters have to submit the title, the authors, an abstract (<250 words) and the planned format of the presentation on the registration form.

Oral presenters

Participants presenting finalized research are welcome to do this in the form of a 10 minutes talk plus 5 minutes discussion. Invited speakers are allocated 30 minutes including questions. Presenters should prepare PowerPoint slides in English.

The chairpersons will shortly introduce the presenters and their topics, and the talkers will be kindly reminded to stick to the time.

The Institute of Mondsee will provide a Computer. The uploading and cross-checking process does need time, so handle-in your presentation (USB) previously.

Poster presenters

The poster session is scheduled on Wednesday late afternoon (17:00) accompanied by buffet & beer or coffee, respectively. Please prepare your poster as portrait (DIN A0) and use the mounting supplies provided at the stand.

Keynote speaker

  • Michaela Salcher, Biology Centre of the ASCR, Institute of Hydrobiology, České Budějovice will talk about: Some like it hot while others are singing in the rain – how weather, climate and seasons affect planktonic bacteria
  • Enrique Navarro, Pyrenean Institute of Ecology, Spanish National Research Council talks about: The ECOTOXICOLOGIST – an unexpected journey
  • Martin Schletterer, Tiroler Wasserkraft AG will talk about: Hydropower and Ecology: status and perspectives

Presentation prizes & Evaluation

The most outstanding oral presentation and poster will be awarded with a prize. Presentations will be judged by the meeting participants and votes are collected during the break on Friday. The evaluation sheet of the FBFW15 meeting can be filled out during the meeting and will be also collected on Friday. The necessary paper sheets for voting and evaluation are given to the participants at the registration.


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