Research group leaders
Post Doc & Guest Researchers
Diploma/Masters and PhD Students (incl. third party funded)
Former & Recently Retired Scientists
Former Diploma/Masters and PhD Students
IPGL Staff


phone number +43 512507 -*                                                     

Name Position E-Mail phone extension
Otto Seppälä Head 50207
Rainer Kurmayer Deputy Head 50242
Sonja Burggraf Secretary (part time) 50201
Karin Tibitanzl
Secretary (part time) 50201


Research group leaders

Name Position E-Mail phone extension
Martin Hahn Environmental Microbiology 50244
Rainer Kurmayer Molecular ecology and physiology of algae 50242
Dunja Lamatsch Molecular & Cytogenetic Evolution of Asexual Aquatic Organisms 50204
Markus Möst  Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics 51771 
Otto Seppälä Aquatic Evolutionary Ecology 50207
Bettina Sonntag Ciliate ecology and taxonomy 50243
Claus-Peter Stelzer Experimental Evolutionary Ecology 50203
Josef Wanzenböck Ecology of Freshwater Fish 50205


Post Doc & scientific staff

Name Position E-Mail
Dora Čertnerová Experimental evolutionary ecology  
Tatyana Darienko Algal ecology and taxonomy 50250
Miao Ding Molecular & cytogenetic evolution of asexual aquatic organisms 
Natalia Gogoleva Aquatic evolutionary ecology 50248
Maja Ilic Eco-Evolutionary dynamics 50266
Tim Maes Eco-Evolutionary dynamics 50216
Geoffrey Ong´ondo Ciliate ecology and taxonomy
Alexandra Pitt Environmental microbiology 50245
Aleksei Potekhin Ciliate ecology and taxonomy
Thomas Pröschold Algal ecology and taxonomy
Vladimir Trifonov Comparative genomics  


Diploma/Masters and PhD students

Name thesis 
Position E-Mail phone extension
Dominique Damay MSc Ecology of freshwater fish
Laura Domenig MSc Ciliate ecology and taxonomy
Vinayaka Hegde PhD Aquatic evolutionary ecology 50258
Daniel Holzer MSc Molecular ecology and physiology of algae  
Jessica Kannler MSc Algal ecology and taxonomy
Georgios Katsianis PhD Aquatic evolutionary ecology 50267
Serafine Kattus MSc Ecology of freshwater fish
Kristin Kuntz MSc Molecular ecology and ecophysiology of algae
Rubén Morón Asensio PhD Molecular ecology and ecophysiology of algae 50268
Daniel Nayer MSc Ecology of freshwater fish    
Fabian Oberauer PhD Experimental Evolutionary Ecology 50269
Hanna Pritsch PhD
Alpine limnology
Magdalena Purker PhD Molecular ecology and ecophysiology of algae    
Vitali Razumov PhD Eco-evolutionary dynamics 51701
Hans Rund PhD Ecology of freshwater fish 50264
Ekaterina Scherbakova MSc Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics    
Varvara Solovyeva MSc Environmental microbiology  
Christian Spanner PhD Ciliate ecology and taxonomy 50169
Monika Stögbuchner MSc Molecular & Cytogenetic Evolution of Asexual Aquatic Organisms    
Flipos Engdaw Woldeab PhD Molecular ecology and ecophysiology of algae    


Technicians (incl. third party funded)

Name Position E-Mail phone extension
Clem Carle  Lab. technician, Eco-evolutionary dynamics (part time) 51647
Jana Hüller

Lab. technician, Aquatic Evolutionary Ecology 50256
Philip Kerschbaumer

Lab. technician, Ecology of freshwater fish (part time) 50261
Ulrike Koll

Ciliate ecology and taxonomy
(part time) 50254
N.N. Building service officer, electrical engineering technician (part time)

Stefan Lienbacher Project assistance, Environmental Microbiology (part time) 50251
Sebastian Mayer Manufacturing systems engineering, workshop 50221
Maria Pichler Lab. technician, Molecular and Cytogenetic Evolution of Asexual Aquatic Organisms & Experimental Evolutionary Ecology 50260
Harald Ployer Software application and Data management (part time) 50226
Johanna Schmidt Lab.technician, Environmental Microbiology (part time) 50259
Anneliese Schweighofer Lab. technician, Molecular ecology and physiology of algae (part time) 50255 
Katri Seppälä Lab. technician, Aquatic Evolutionary Ecology (part time) 50214
Réka Somogyi Lab. technician, Eco-evolutionary dynamics & Experimental Evolutionary Ecology  50209
Anna Mayer
Guest rooms and sanitary facilities (part time)  


Communication and science outreach

Name Position E-Mail phone extension
Sabine Wanzenböck Communication, science outreach and librarian 50239


Former & Recently Retired Scientists

Name Position E-Mail phone extension
Sabrina Seywald Long term ecological Research    
Thomas Scheuerl Aquatic Evolutionary Ecology    
Viktoriya Petlovana Ciliate ecology and taxonomy    
Dunja Lukić  Plankton Ecology    
Thomas Weisse Plankton Ecology
Barbara Kammerlander Ciliate ecology and taxonomy  
Romana Limberger Plankton Ecology    
Jens Boenigk Diversity and ecology of flagellates & microalgae
Guntram Christiansen Functional genetics  


Martin Dokulil Quantitative Algal Ecology
Maria Leichtfried Stream Ecology, Bedsediments, Organic Matter, Nutrients  
Tomi Luoto Paleolimnology, Chironomids
Liisa Nevalainen Evolutionary paleolimnology    
Simone Riss Experimental Evolutionary Ecology    
Roland Schmidt Palaeolimnology    
Radka Symonová Molecular Evolutionary Ecology    


Former Diploma/Masters and PhD Students

Graduates who were not supervised mainly in Mondsee are not listed
Graduates who did their Master-theses whitin the IPGL-programmes (partly supervised by ILIM/scientists in Mondsee) are listed until 2013 and from 2014 onwards

Name MSc or PhD/supervisor
Year of degree

Elisabeth Entfellner PhD/Kurmayer 2024  
Aylin Olgun MSc/Lamatsch, Wanzenböck 2023  
Sabrina Seywald MSc/Weisse 2023  
Christoph Kotzorek MSc/Kurmayer 2023  
Roland Vogt PhD/Wanzenböck, Lamatsch 2022  
Tobias Grossgasteiger MSc/Wanzenböck 2022  
Rachel Vith MSc/Kurmayer 2022  
Benard Mucholwa Simiyu PhD/Kurmayer 2022  
Xiaoteng Lu (Leo) PhD/Weisse, Sonntag
Mario Aigner MSc/Wanzenböck, Sonntag 2021  
Fabian Sommer MSc/Sonntag, Tartarotti 2021  
Daniela Frantal MSc/Sonntag 2020  
Astrid Beckmann MSc/Weisse 2020  
Julie Blommaert PhD/Stelzer 2019  
Christian Spanner MSc/Pröschold, Sonntag 2019  
Anna Binder MSc/Sonntag, Pröschold,
Theofana Chonova PhD/Kurmayer 2019  
Daniel Rieser MSc/Pröschold, Sonntag 2019  
Elisabeth Wolf MSc/Wanzenböck 2019  
Christina Wirth  MSc/Weisse
 Adam Cieplinski PhD/Weisse 2018  
Victoria Bergkemper  PhD/Weisse 2018  
Kathrin Baumann MSc/Kurmayer 2017  
Laura Nachbaur Diploma/Sonntag 2017  
Matthias Hötzinger PhD/Hahn 2017     
Mark Olokotum MSc/Kurmayer 2017  
Barbara Kammerlander PhD/Sonntag 2017     
Gianluca Lazzari MSc/Wanzenböck 2017  
Harald Ficker PhD/Wanzenböck 2017    
Patrick Kaspar MSc(FH)/Weisse 2017  
Andrea Huemer MSc/Hahn 2016  
Sarah Gugele
MSc/Wanzenböck  2016 
Nadja Straubinger-Gansberger
Geoffrey Ong´ondo PhD/Sonntag, Boenigk  2014  
Daniela Pöll MSc/Sonntag  2014  
Veronika Ostermaier
PhD/Kurmayer  2014   
Kathrin Böhm MSc/Wanzenböck  2014   
Manuel Deinhardt MSc/Lamatsch, Taskinen  2013  
Birgit Gröschl MSc/Weisse  2013

Franziska Huber MSc/Hahn  2013  
Thomas Scheuerl PhD/Stelzer  2013  
Mark Frei MSc/Kurmayer  2013  
Eva Schober PhD/Kurmayer
Florian Keil MSc/Wanzenböck  2012  
Benard M. Simiyu MSc/Kurmayer  2012  
Thomas M. Oberlercher MSc/Wanzenböck  2012  
Barbara Pamminger-Lahnsteiner PhD/Wanzenböck  2011  
Michael Moser PhD/Weisse  2011  
Sophie Schärfl MSc/Hahn, Berninger  2010  
Nicole Laufenstein MSc/Weisse  2010  
Steffen Jost PhD/Boenigk  2010  
Athanasio S. Mbonde MSc/Kurmayer  2010  
Kerstin Huber PhD/Schmidt  2009  
William O. Okello PhD/Kurmayer  2009  
Patrick Schöttl MSc/Wanzenböck  2009  
Thomas Scheuerl MSc/Hahn  2008  
Sonja Greisberger PhD/Teubner  2008  
Karin Pfandl  PhD/Boenigk   2007  
Veronika Ostermayer MSc/Kurmayer  2007  
Stefan Mayr MSc/Wanzenböck  2007  
Martha Kaddumukasa MSc/Kurmayer  2007  
Elke Gächter PhD/Weisse  2006  
Christina Kaiblinger PhD/Dokulil  2006  
Monika Roth MSc/Schmidt  2006  
Carole Molitor MSc/Kurmayer  2006  
Yuwei Chen PhD/Dokulil  2005  
Michael Schauer PhD/Hahn, Weisse  2005  
Qinglong Wu PhD/Hahn, Weisse  2005  
Simone Kosol MSc/Kurmayer  2005  
Michael Moser MSc/Weisse  2005  
Martin Finster MSc/Wanzenböck  2005  
Ulrich Dickbauer MSc/Dokulil  2005  
Robert Buttinger MSc/Danielopol  2005  
Willi Kabas PhD/Dokulil  2004  
Marlies Gumpenberger MSc/Kurmayer, Weisse  2004  
William O. Okello MSc/Kurmayer  2004  
Ines M. Lemberger MSc/Dokulil  2004  
Markus Hetzel MSc/Schmidt  2004  
Charles M. M´Erimba PhD/Leichtfried  2004  
Gerhard Tischler PhD/Wanzenböck  2003  
Christina Kaiblinger MSc/Schmidt  2003  
Sandra Mayrhofer MSc/Danielopol  2003  
Thomas Kutzenberger MSc/Kurmayer, Dokulil
Hubert Gassner PhD/Wanzenböck
Heike Morscheid PhD/Dokulil  2002  
Gabriele Weigelhofer PhD/Dokulil  2002  
Sylvia Hartl MSc/Wanzenböck  2002  
Sonja Greisberger MSc/Dokulil  2002  
Judith Ausserbrunner MSc/Teubner  2002  
Georg Wolfram PhD/Humpesch  2002  
Ute Bodemer PhD/Dokulil  2002  
Christian Kamenik PhD/Schmidt  2001  
Barbara Lahnsteiner MSc/Wanzenböck, Nauwerck  2001  
Cornelia Krois MSc/Wanzenböck  2001  
Sabine Lettner MSc/Weisse
Doris Slezak PhD/Danielopol  2000  
Gudrun Hauseder MSc/Wanzenböck  2000  
Yasmin Hassan MSc/Wanzenböck  2000  
Birgit Mindl MSc/Danielopol  2000  
Herbert Weilgunyi PhD/Humpesch  2000  
Christian Fesl PhD/Humpesch  1999  
Peter Indinger MSc/Schmidt  1999  
Gerhard Tischler MSc/Wanzenböck  1999  
Arno Aschauer MSc/Humpesch
Christian Griebler PhD/Danielopol  1998
Friederike Mößlacher  PhD/Danielopol   1998  
Yin Yu PhD/Danielopol  1998  
Karin Koinig PhD/Schmidt  1998  
Martin Priewasser MSc/Falkner  1998  
Andreas Schinker MSc/Falkner  1998  
David Liti PhD/Dokulil  1997  
Christian Kamenik MSc/Schmidt  1997  
Susanne Schrutka MSc/Wanzenböck  1997  
Harald Weiss MSc/Wanzenböck, Patzner  1997  
Katrin Teubner PhD/Dokulil  1996  
Elke E. Roschitz MSc/Dokulil  1996  
Christian Griebler MSc/Danielopol  1996  
Sybille Wunsam PhD/Schmidt  1995  
Manfred Windhager MSc/Nauwerck  1995  
Yusuf Kizito PhD/Nauwerck  1995  
Gerald Pfister MSc/Arndt  1995  
Thomas Posch MSc/Arndt  1995  
Adel A. Fathy PhD/Falkner  1994  
Friederike Mößlacher MSc/Danielopol  1994  
Christophe Merle MSc/Danielopol  1994  
Monika Salbrechter MSc/Arndt  1994  
Jutta Mayer MSc/Dokulil  1994  
Martina Berger MSc/Arndt, Psenner  1994  
Ferdinand Wagner PhD/Falkner  1993  
Christine Plankensteiner MSc/Nauwerck  1992  
Eva Facher PhD/Schmidt  1992  
Margot Kaiser PhD/Dokulil  1991  
Walter Geiger PhD/Danielopol  1991  
Karin Fuchs MSc/Dokulil  1991  
Manfred Pöckl PhD/Humpesch  1990  
Matthias Handl PhD/Danielopol, Schmidt  1990  
Harald Wagenleitner MSc/Danielopol  1990  
Franz Uiblein PhD/Winkler  1988  
Carmen Orellana PhD/Winkler, Herzig
Dieter Graffius PhD/Falkner  1984  
Sigrid Kofler PhD/Dokulil  1986  
Carmen Orellana MSc/Herzig  1985  

IPGL Staff

IPGL was part of the Research Department for Limnology and the Austrian Academy of Sciences right from the start in 1975. Since October 2012 IPGL has been fully integrated into the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.
Please contact for further information.


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