Seminarvorträge am Forschungsinstitut für Limnologie, Mondsee
Kontakt und Anfahrt

2017/18 Donnerstag, 16:00 Uhr wenn nicht anders angekündigt

21 Karine Van Doninck, Université de Namur (B)     
Genomic evidence for ameiotic evolution and genetic exchanges in the bdelloid rotifer Adineta vaga
5 Xiaoteng Lu, Universität Innsbruck ILIM, Mondsee (A),
Functional Ecology and Biodiversity of Planktonic Ciliates
12 Anja Palandacic, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (A)
Contrasting morphology with molecular data: an approach to revision of species complexes based on the example of European Phoxinus (Cyprinidae)
9 Rainer Kurmayer, Universität Innsbruck ILIM, Mondsee (A), 19:00 Uhr
Bedeutung der Evolutionsforschung für den Gewässerschutz am Forschungsinstitut für Limnologie
16 Julie Blommaert, Universität Innsbruck ILIM, Mondsee (A),
Mechanisms and significance of genome size variation in rotifers
23 Roland Vogt, Universität Innsbruck ILIM, Mondsee (A),
Fate and effect of wastewater-borne manufactured nanomaterials in aquatic ecosystems
14 Christoph, Hahn, Universität Graz, Institut für Zoologie (A),
Genomic insights into the evolution of the economically important fish pathogen Gyrodactylus salaris (Platyhelminthes, Monogenea) and related species in Europe
Januar 2018
11 Adam Cieplinski, Universität Innsbruck ILIM, Mondsee (A) und Edmund Mach Foundation, S. Michele all’Adige, (I)
Keratella cochlearis - high morphological and genetic diversity, sexual reproduction and male induction
18 Kalman Tapolczai, INRA, Thonon (F)
Diatom biomonitoring in a french oversea département (Mayotte, near Madagascar) comparing several ways to assess water quality with benthic diatoms in rivers
25 Monica Tolotti, Edmund Mach Foundation, S. Michele all’Adige, (I)
Large and deep perialpine lakes: a paleolimnological work in progress for the advance of ecosystem science
8 Elisabeth Entfellner, Universität Innsbruck, ILIM Mondsee (A)
Analysis of Genetic Recombination Phenomena in Cyanotoxin Gene Clusters as Induced by Mobile Transposable Elements