Seminarvorträge am Forschungsinstitut für Limnologie, Mondsee
Kontakt und Anfahrt

2018/2019 Donnerstag, 16:00 Uhr wenn nicht anders angekündigt

4 Teofana Chonova (ILIM, Ö)
Diatoms metabarcoding to evaluate the ecological status of a river impacted by wastewater treatment plant effluents
11 Markus Möst (Universität Innsbruck, Institut für Ökologie, Ö)
Gene flow in the context of environmental change – Hybridization and Speciation in the Daphnia longispina complex
18 Serena Rasconi (Wassercluster Lunz, Ö)
Phytoplankton fungal parasites nutritional quality and role in trophic transfer 
Elisabeth Entfellner (ILIM, Ö)
Analysis of genetic recombination phenomena in Cyanotoxin gene clusters as induced by Mobile Transposable Elements
 6  Roland Vogt (ILIM, Ö)
Fate and effect of wastewater-borne manufactured nanomaterials in aquatic ecosystems
10 Elisabeth Varga (Vienna University, Toxicology)
Toxins in brackish water microalgae Karlodinium and Prymnesium
Julie Blommaert (ILIM, Ö)
Mechanisms and significance of genome size variation in rotifers
24 Benard Mucholwa Simiyu (ILIM, Ö) abgesagt
The effects of hydrological changes on the Physicochemical variables in Nyanza Gulf of Lake Victoria, Kenya
31 Hans Rund (ILIM, Ö)
Development and implementation of molecular genetic monitoring methods (eDNA) and comparison to traditional ecological status assessment methods for waterbodies in the alpine region
14 Xiaoteng Lu (ILIM, Ö) 
Functional Ecology and Biodiversity of Planktonic Ciliates
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