Seminar talks at the Research Institute for Limnology, Mondsee
The seminars in winter semester 2023 will be offered with  hybrid access at 2 p.m., please participate in the seminars in person at the Research Dept. in Mondsee 2nd floor, seminar room "Drachenwand" or by using the following Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 842 4740 0610

 Research workshop (internal discussion and planning)
15 Innsbruck Doctoral College meeting
22 Dmitrij Dedukh, Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, Libechov, CZ
Cytogenetic mechanisms of asexuality in hybrid vertebrates 
 6 Maja Ilic, ILIM, A
The role of essential dietary fatty acids for the fitness and competition in herbivorous zooplankton
13 Research training I (Sophia Mützel, Vinayaka Hegde, Tania Sosa), ILIM, A
17 Research Training II (Magdalena Purker, Georgios Katsianis), ILIM, A
24 Elisabeth Entfellner (DOC fellowship OEAW), ILIM, A
Towards an understanding of secondary metabolite diversity among the algal-bloom forming cyanobacterium Planktothrix
31 Research Training III (Vitali Razumov, Ambre Placide), ILIM, A
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