Seminarvorträge am Forschungsinstitut für Limnologie, Mondsee
Kontakt und Anfahrt

2017 Donnerstag, 16:00 Uhr wenn nicht anders angekündigt

9 Harald Ficker, BAW-IGF, Scharfling (A)
Population modeling of Alpine whitefish stocks with reference to climatic impacts and recreational fisheries
Mark Olokotum, ILIM & BOKU, Wien (A)
Occurrence and elimination of cyanobacterial toxins in potable water in Uganda
23 Johann Doppelbauer, BAW-IGF, Scharfling (A)
Entwicklung des Bundesamts für Wasserwirtschaft
Barbara Kammerlander, ILIM, Mondsee (A)
Diversity and ecology of ciliate communities in alpine lakes of contrasting transparency, Defensio PhD Universität Innsbruck, 9 a.m.
27 Ulrike Berninger, University of Salzburg (A)
Research and teaching of the department of ecology & evolution
Benard Simiyu, ILIM, Mondsee (A)
The effect of hydrological changes on the spatial phytoplankton composition and Mycrocystin concentration in Nyazana Gulf, Lake Victoria, Kenya
11 Lukáš Kalous, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZ)
Phylogeny and biogeographic history of the cyprinid fish genus Carassius
18 Thomas Posch, University of Zurich (CH)
Abrupt stop of deep water turnover with lake warming: Drastic consequences for algal primary producers and food webs
1 Petr Smarda, Masaryk University, Brno (CZ)
Quantitative variation of plant genomes and its ecological and evolutionary consequences
8 Roland Vogt, ILIM, Mondsee (A)
Fate and effect of wastewater-borne manufactured nanomaterials in aquatic ecosystems
14 Kathrin Baumann, ILIM & BOKU, Wien (A)
Biological significance of bioactive compound synthesis transferred by lateral gene transfer among cyanobacteria
22 Adam Cieplinski, Department of Sustainable Ecosystems and Bioresources, Michele a/Adige (IT)
Rotifer cryptic diversity along alititude
29 Julie Blommaert, ILIM, Mondsee (A)
Mechanisms and significance of genome size variation in rotifers