Seminar talks at the Research Institute for Limnology, Mondsee
The seminars in summer semester 2024 will be offered with  hybrid access at 2 p.m., please participate in the seminars in person at the Research Dept. in Mondsee 2nd floor, seminar room "Drachenwand" or by using the following Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 843 1167 9046

present: p / online: o

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6 Miao Ding, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. China p/o
The mechanism of male occurrence in a gynogenetic fish, starting 3 p.m.!
13 Elisabeth Janssen, EAWAG, CH p/o
Diversity of natural toxins from cyanobacteria – from lakes to Alpine mountains
20 Jana Isanta-Navarro, University of Copenhagen, DK p/o
Changing life in lakes-human impacts on trophic interactions
17 Ester Eckert, CNR-Institute of Ecosystem Study Verbania, I p/o
8 Dania Albini, University of Exeter, UK p/o
15 IDC
22 Research training: Vitali Razumov, Vinayaka Hegde
11  Anita Narwani, EAWAG, CH
19 Dora Certnerová, ILIM, A p/o
26  Research training: Sophia Mützel, Alessandro Cuzzeri, Ambre Placide
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