Natalia Gogoleva

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Aquatic Evolutionary Ecology



+43 512 507-50248

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Academic History


Genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics: Oxford Nanopore Technology – DNA, cDNA libraries preparation and sequencing; Illumina Sequencing Platforms – different protocols of DNA, cDNA, amplicon libraries preparation and sequencing.

Molecular Biology Techniques: DNA and RNA isolation and preparation; PCR; qPCR; RT qPCR; gel electrophoresis (PAAG, agarose; DNA, Protein); plasmid construction; bacterial transformation (CaCl2 and electroporation); cloning and heterologous expression of proteins, site-directional mutagenesis; bacterial genome editing using of ‘suicide’ vectors for allelic exchange.


Research interests

My research interest is related to the molecular mechanisms of the host/microbial interactions and microbial adaptation to extreme environmental conditions, interactions in microbial communities. 


Parasitology SS 2024




  • Potekhin A., Plotnikov A.O., Gogoleva N., Sonntag B. (2024). Editorial: Microbial associations formed and hosted by protists, algae, and fungi. Front. Microbiol. 14:1341058. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2023.1341058


  • Gogoleva N., Chervyatsova O., Balkin A., Kuzmina L., Shagimardanova E., Kiseleva D., Gogolev Y. (2023). Microbial tapestry of the Shulgan-Tash cave (Southern Ural, Russia): influences of environmental factors on the taxonomic composition of the cave biofilms, Environmental Microbiome 18: 82,

  • Malygina, A.; Balkin, A.; Polyakova, E.; Stefanov, S.; Potekhin, A.; Gogoleva, N. (2023). Taxonomic Diversity of the Microbial Biofilms Collected along the Thermal Streams on Kunashir Island. Ecologies,  4: 106-123.

  • Tsers, I., Marenina, E., Meshcherov, A., ,. Gogoleva N et al. (2023). First genome-scale insights into the virulence of the snow mold causal fungus Microdochium nivale. IMA Fungus, 14, 2


  • Pudova D.S., Toymentseva A.A., Gogoleva N.E., Shagimardanova E.I., Mardanova A.M., Sharipova M.R. (2022). Comparative Genome Analysis of Two Bacillus pumilus Strains Producing High Level of Extracellular Hydrolases. Genes 13(3):409. doi: 10.3390/genes13030409.

  • Miyata Y., Tokumoto S., Arai T., Shaikhutdinov N., Deviatiiarov R., Fuse H., Gogoleva N., Garushyants S., Cherkasov A., Ryabova A., Gazizova G., Cornette R., Shagimardanova E., Gusev O., Kikawada T. (2022). Identification of Genomic Safe Harbors in the Anhydrobiotic Cell Line, Pv11. Genes 13(3):406. doi: 10.3390/genes13030406.

  • Gorshkov V., Parfirova O., Petrova O., Gogoleva N., Kovtunov E., Vorob’ev V., Gogolev Y. (2021). The knockout of enterobactin-related gene in pectobacterium atrosepticum results in reduced stress resistance and virulence towards the primed plants, International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (17), doi: 10.3390/ijms22179594

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